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he gave me a very simple answer: "you don’t have a start-up partner.". If you can find one by Saturday, please let me know."

in January 6, xinhuanet Beijing reporter Zhao Xiaohui 2005, by overseas media as "the first person" Chinese SMS Yang Lei almost put the "thumb economy" to play to the limit.

"Super Girls twenty million" SMS voting that Linktone gained hitherto unknown visibility and partner favor. However, Yang Lei to go further.

· the total volume of visits has been 8840 since April 17th. Of these, 8.7% of the 770 people are from Australia, and this is my target population.

· 1083 came from Twitter>

1 ask more questions.

data has always been the most fascinating

if there’s anything I’ve learned in the past week, I think there are two things:

story begins:

only great artists need not copy…

when we make sure that OKcofounder has such a name, I’m all thinking about how to build it, what it needs to design, and an inspiration to jump out:


the next few days, I received some reply — some people did not even look at the website and contact me said their ideas, some are very experienced entrepreneurs about me. Thanks, we need to exchange some. Some people even contacted me on Thursday night, even after seeing the design I said on the website. It feels really crazy. Some of my friends think I am bold in doing so.


, "publish our ideas on Silicon, Beach or Hecknews."." A few minutes later, some of my friends contacted me on Facebook.

2 is a hard job to start a business.

"wait, I should design some interesting questions, and even we can borrow OKcupid’s brand. It would be a fun thing to do."."

on Wednesday afternoon, I found out that I was looking forward to an interview with an angel investment project. It’s a big blow to me, because I really want to get the chance to get investment. I can’t think of their projects where is the problem, so I called to ask why adrian.

I called my good friend Matt: "Hey, I need a startup partner, and suddenly I think I should make a micro website microsite, a personalized home page.". "What do you think of the name?" the two of us thought for a long time, and finally came up with a name: OKCofounder!!

has several friends who contacted me via e-mail and twitter, and asked me to quantify the data on the site. Here is our analysis:

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