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well, first of all in the face of entrepreneurs is the primary problem: how to build a good business plan for yourself? In view of this, in order to make every entrepreneur can get out of their own value in the business on the road. I have decided to make a series of brief analysis, research and Discussion on how to build a reasonable plan of entrepreneurship for myself through some experience of my own. Hope that you are planning to start business, you can get some inspiration, and then according to their own actual situation for themselves to develop a suitable for their own entrepreneurial strategic planning.

first, interest is your energy drive to devote yourself to work

If Jiang Hui

shape" business planning series is mainly for entrepreneurs to provide some suggestions and references in making business planning, this article is about the first chapter mainly discusses the problems about interest. There is no doubt that interest is always the best teacher. Before you get there, all you have to do is find a place to truly calm yourself down. Look at yourself from all sides and find your interests. Only by using this as a premise can you maximize your potential. Below, I talk about the importance of interest, in order to remind readers to pay attention to interest, to interest as a starting point for entrepreneurship.

we end up complaining about their work and how bad, in fact we forget that this is mainly because our attitude to the work, more specifically for this work is that we now are not interested in. Without interest, naturally there is no enthusiasm to devote myself to work. This is quite normal. But if you keep complaining like this and keep on indulging like this, then the ending will be horrible and you can’t accept it.

at the end of 2010, Jiang Hui began his own SEO training course, beginning with only more than 100 people. After that, Jiang Hui constantly attracted new students to join, using low-cost strategy, crazy expansion. The summer of 2010, Jiang Hui opened the 45 class group, when in early September, has opened 60 class group, to the middle of September 2010, has opened eightieth class group. At present, the number of Jiang Hui students is still growing.

online curse Jiang Hui cheat new training costs are many, slander Jiang Hui, MLM is also quite a lot. But few people analyze what Jiang Hui is doing. What is his purpose?.

introduction: some people say that China’s Internet is abusive Internet, because the abuse has become a lot of webmaster lifestyle. No matter what new things happen, the first reaction of many people is to scold him. In the SEO industry as an example, whether it is Wang Tong such a marketing expert, or only such technical expert, behind them, there will always be someone called a liar! However, it is in this condemning, Wang Tong created his own tongwang Cardiff, organized the first SEOWHY elite general assembly. On the Internet, always small part to see the light, then the achievements in most people’s ridicule manmasheng myth.

Wang Tong through their own marketing talent founded tongwang, become entrepreneurs trust SEO marketing experts; only by SEOWHY gathered a large number of technical madman, create an annual salary of more than 300 thousand elite groups. So far, what other markets are available in the SEO direction,

search in sh419, will find a message that Jiang Hui had a behind the partner, Chen terutami. Chen Huimin is one of the original founder of Xicihutong, 1998 with friends created Xicihutong, later involved in real estate, clothing and other industries, is a shopping mall in the "old" veteran. His collaboration with Jiang Hui suggests that Jiang Hui’s "running all the way" is by no means

if you present immoderation, unwilling to own life, if you want to do something when the old memories in their own business — the rest of life. So, a good business plan is essential, only in a good planning guidance, you will not lose himself in the vast sea; only in a good business planning, you can walk every step with confidence, does not produce panic illusion, lose yourself the original dream.

to tell you the truth, the author in 2010 June that a by "once cheated 4000 yuan last month to earn 10 thousand yuan of advertisement to pull students earning workers online. His marketing was so successful that even though I knew it might have been a hoax, I was able to resist curiosity and spent 240 dollars in September to observe it.

according to Jiang Hui himself, he really engaged in SEO marketing, probably in the second half of 09 years, SEO training to make money, about 09 years at the end. Its guiding ideology is summed up in one sentence – using SEO to obtain directional flow sales profiteering products.

if you think today’s job is limiting your performance, you don’t have a cold job at all. So I still remind you: think about what is your interest? To find the most wanted to do their own thing, then do their maximum capacity and energy to do this thing, so your life will not be wasted. Life is short, and there are many unpredictable factors in this short stream of life. So you have to find your interest. Only in the interest driven, you can put your heart into it, but also in this short and full of unknown life in the long river to create their own value.

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