say that for the 11 GG experienceHow do you manage the co founders at the start of your business

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editor’s note: author Aaron Harris, Tutorspree co-founder and YC partner.

, with the goal of creating a company with a market capitalisation of $one billion, decided to build a company from scratch. The co founders are often full of confidence. Confidence will expand with every success and recognition. Failure, the public, and the individual may shrink confidence and make people upset. This change of mood can cause anxiety, nervous fatigue and conflict.

God, O earth, at this time the mood with language has no expression, ha ha ha… May be some "senior" webmaster jokes, not on a GG account? There are so exaggerated? I say! When you have completed the first one is not easy for you. That kind of feeling, I think everyone knows… History, from the beginning of May 17th to August 15th formally approved the application, and will do for 3 months, shlf1314 is my spirit touched… So, everything should insist, as long as you persevere, you will gain a

has proved that founders manage each other before they manage their employees. In fact, when there were only two or three founders in the early stages of the company, poor management often led to failure. Partner management, however, is difficult.

do not abandon, do not give up, the soldiers inside the classic assault.

has many factors contributing to the management of the CO founders. Fortunately, the solution to the problem is simpler. Dealing with the root causes of these problems is much simpler than expressing them for all of these reasons.

open and honest communication is one of the most important factors. It can create a good working atmosphere and provide support for everything else. Its significance is more important than the friendship between the CO founders. When >

co founders often feel that they do not need to manage because they are a team and work for common goals.


unclear division of responsibilities, may cause "site dispute", causing ultra vires violations and micro management.

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co-founder has little experience in managing personnel. They are also learning when they run start-ups. There are many good ways to manage, but they have to take the time to learn and put it into practice.

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although managing the co founders is very important and difficult, most of the management advice I’ve seen is about managing employees or supervisors. These observations are useful, but not suitable for initial stages of entrepreneurship. What I read about this stage of management is called "managing an early partner as a love affair."". This remark is true, and it can be said to be of some benefit.

startups face high levels of stress, which can make decisions wrong and emotionally out of control. Minor mistakes can also be magnified.

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to manage the co founders:


members are evenly matched, it may be difficult for small teams to make decisions, especially when there are serious differences.

communication is more difficult than you expected, even in the case of only two people.


first of all, there is no clear direct reporting between team members. A co-founder may be CEO, but this does not mean that he is the best manager or the most suitable governance planning, sales and production.

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