Mixing the live broadcast and the VR Rio Olympic Games have come to an end whose business opportuni

opportunity track: training

if you are advertising size is the size of the advertising pictures, you can direct the management of advertising in " " adjusted as shown below: if the ad unit " " column is " text and image ads, " said; you have chosen to support the picture advertising, does not need any adjustment. If the display is " only text advertising " or " only picture advertising " you can click on the right side of the " modify the ad settings " change the advertising unit settings to " text and picture ads ".

now, you simply have to make a few simple adjustments to capture this opportunity, win more multimedia advertising resources, and increase your website’s revenue:

since 2009, International Olympic Committee confirmed the plenary session of the Rio Olympics golf became a formal event, everyone hold Chinese Golf 30 years of big move, in the mobile Internet era all release.

shlf1314 AdWords last month released a multimedia advertising tool, this tool provides a rich multimedia advertising templates, advertisers spend only 1 minutes, you can create a multimedia advertisement beautifully. We have not found that as long as the advertisement set pictures or text ads, image ads, many, but this one use, advertising is very popular, at least my station is www.gz66 such an article just point out, the matching is image ads, so we have to end if make good use of image ads to increase our income

the first step: adjust the size of the advertising unit.

crowded track: booking court

second step: make sure you choose to support image format ads.


sports enterprise has cooled down, and the global Carnival of Rio Olympic Games will come to an end. This session highlights and slots together after the Olympic Games, which can continue to enjoy the bonus of entrepreneurship in the field of

feedback from the capital market in recent years, so that golf entrepreneurs see hope. Golf is a niche sport in many sports segments, though it is more than soccer and basketball. In August 2015 and January 2016, the cloud Golf and express listed on the new board, from two levels of market news also injected a shot in the arm for the golf business.

supports multimedia advertising in the form of 728X90160X600300X250336X280250X250200X200,

Document No. 46 issued by


The carnival of

in October 2014 is regarded as a historic breakthrough in China’s sports industry. By the State Council personally depicts 5 trillion the size of the market, followed by the entrepreneurial boom, will push the sports venture capital is concentrated into the air, explosive, seems to be pushing the rush to speed up the pace to catch up with the Olympic bonus 2016.


however, the upsurge is always accompanied by the bubble theory. A large number of sports venture projects do not have a shaping business model, serious homogenization. For example, the recent fame of live broadcast platform, in the field of sports live limited by copyright, play too many tricks; and for example, more than 3000 sports App mode is too repetitive, by 2016, financing has been very few.

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the 2016 Rio Olympics is now over and some changes have taken place. The circle of friends about the gold medal less, Taobao online new expression package more mutual fighting sports power; less, multinational athletes group CP; before the black black site security less, discuss the black technology more match…… The people’s sporting spirit seems to have suddenly awakened, suggesting what happened in the past four years.

120X600468X60. If your ad unit on your website is not in these formats, please re – generate and print the ad size listed above.


data source: new database, sloth bear sports, Internet

if you need to adjust the advertising size, you need to re generate the ad code. You can select " in the generated step; text and picture ads default; " options;



completed the steps above, you can put new ad code added to the page, through these adjustments, can ensure the multimedia advertisement to display on your site, so as not to miss any multimedia advertising resources.

, we will study it carefully and we will find some secrets from it. Finally, I hope you all make a fortune.

, according to incomplete statistics, over the past 18 months, occurred in the field of sports financing in 307 cases, the total amount of financing more than 20 billion yuan, more than 10 times the number of 2011 -2014 sports financing total Disclosure Based on the data network. Sports media not gold in most areas, but also music, Wanda, Ali and other giants have a card track. And VC and PE are active in the field of national fitness, fitness, cycling, running and other fields of financing scale is more than 300 million yuan data source: "2016 sports start white paper".

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