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animation industry is attracting more and more attention. In the past year, the annual output value of the entire animation industry has more than one hundred billion yuan, which was once regarded as "not difficult to recruit animation industry talent", suddenly changed the tide, from the comic platform, to video website, from game development to movie theaters have ushered in a wave of rebound.

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is the two dimension people head for the "niche" in the animation industry, animation Tencent is magnified here is how to become a big business? Have a "critical pre pan entertainment layout" vision: a good comic IP, from comic books to television drama to the game and the surrounding, must plan well in advance.

October 20th, the animation Tencent held the second session of the "Cooperation Conference" Tencent of animation industry in Shanghai, including Vice President of Tencent, Tencent group pictures CEO Cheng Wu, general manager of Tencent, Tencent Zou Zhengyu cartoon animation content center director Li Xiaoting and several other executives say, share some industry four years of the establishment of Tencent animation thinking.

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the past two years, Tencent animation development rate of some dazzling. According to official data, the current Tencent animation platform cartoon and caricature the number of over 22600, 29 of total amount of reading over 1 billion, playing a total of 12 broken billion animation, the signing of the 610, the author added this year 120, MAU 90 million…… By two dimensional people are "small minority" animation industry, in Tencent animation here is how to be magnified into a big business,


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1, get rid of the 50 Fen picture quality: first perfect the animation industry chain again >

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and rapid development, has produced a "one person" under the "matchmaker" the small fox animation Tencent has become the industry leader, but in fact, this situation was simply unthinkable a few years ago, the Tencent to animation "intrapreneurship" started, was very embarrassed, even to the editorial department give a caricature of an increase of 20 yuan royalties and debate.

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, vice president of Tencent group, Tencent pictures, CEO, Cheng Wu,


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in 2015, "animation industry cooperation conference", Tencent animation for the first time put forward in the pan entertainment concept to realize "two dimensional economy" slogan. A year later, Cheng Wu, Zou Zhengyu and so on several important topics of domestic animation, and summarized them in this industry and market experience and Prospect — this is 2015 Chinese animation development is a microcosm of the two dimension: the industry has a lot of problems, but can be solved.

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two dimension has a lot of problems, but it’s being solved one by one,

from January 4, 2008 to February 18, 2008

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, however, it was quickly discovered that there was still a lot to go before developing the quality of IP at hand to the level of Japan, South Korea or the United states. Over the past year, companies, including Tencent and Austria Fei, have begun investment, acquisitions and open cooperation in the animation industry.

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