A hard road to brand growthWill self made social networking site Pheed be the next Twitter

technology news Xiao E Beijing on October 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, Pheed will become the next Twitter? Miley · Cyrus Miley Cyrus seems to think so, Ashlee · Dell Ashley, Tisdale at David · Getter David Guetta, Pris · Hilton Paris Hilton Chris, · Brown Chris Brown think so, there are tens of thousands of other people to join the site within a few days.

is here today, the main hope is to share with a brand business exchange some feeling recently, do promotion difficult, more difficult to do the brand! Do their own Tmall or Taobao brand, which is a lot of people in the first time into the business of emotion and dream, but it can really end inside this industry we also need to become an independent school, do a lot of things


brand is equal to the sellers, this is just for the money bag and shop, but the real so-called brand concept, in fact, more should have a higher pursuit, the concept that allow consumers to experience the product from the transaction value and brand, and has been able to go for a long time support and communication, this is a brand should have.



introduction if you allow influential people to charge for content, they will make quality content. Pheed allows users to share all forms of content, including text, pictures, audio, video and live broadcast. Users can choose to share for free and charge 2-35 dollars for sharing.

brand marketing is a very long process, but also is to determine their own rules, the style displayed in front of consumers, then shooting, the decoration of these most basic elements should be communicated to consumers through the best way to express. "


Pheed is a self financed, self financed start-up company that leases offices in a six acre building in Landau, a fraternity based research and development organization. The company soon won more than 200 early adopters and celebrity registered. Pheed was launched only a few days ago, but over 350 thousand users have visited independently. None of this is the use of the iPhone application that they are badly in need of. It has not yet been approved.

Now most of the

in short, it can be seen as a Twitter with a business plan. I always hear about the next great idea of social networking, and I think I can compete with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. But you can see that some big brands such as Myspace or shlf1314+ can’t do that. So, what makes Pheed different? Why hasn’t Pheed failed and disappeared like many other social networks after a brief focus,

emerging social networking site Pheed Tencent technology plan

network in the process of the initial business shop, fear most is the capital chain rupture, no team, this situation is very difficult to set up a brand, so this time as a business, I think we should speed up the pace, with Taobao the most commonly used single products off the strategy. Choose a line to popular style, and then to train and drill exhibition devoted to several drainage tools, in the short term, let the store have a qualitative leap, of course, in this process, product, service, customer maintenance monitoring and effective management must be guaranteed, or fast growth will bring many negative effects to the shop, the most obvious is the reduction in the score.

it’s pretty simple, and if you allow influential people to charge for content, they’ll make quality content. Pheed allows users to share all forms of digital content, including text, pictures, audio, video and live broadcast. Users can choose free sharing and fee sharing options, 2 content producers can use the channel monthly subscription or set up pay live browsing project.


has been pre sold, this time to find the selling brand difference is focus in the next need to run, so that consumers can the product has a strong degree of recognition, style or style, or the quality of service, all businesses can find a point of view, of course, this place is not just to make up, but should with competitors demanding analysis, finally draws the related conclusion, the future market share and growth rate of the two indicators is the need to combine the data for evaluation, once the main style, then the rest of the things is the brand marketing and market penetration.


one percent, a very mature and high visibility of the shop, a year revenue is more than one million, inside the industry can be said to be very well-known as the network, in recent years in the industry seems to have emerged in many fights for having heard it many times of the Amoy brand, seven princess, Liebo etc..

of course, as every one of us in the hope to enjoy a better quality of life, it must be established has been stable in the material foundation stage, so how to do the first pot of gold, how to solve the basic problem of "living" down, has become a topic of concern many sellers.

What is


users can charge 1.99–34.99 dollars or $1.99–34.99 per month for each visit

The secret weapon of

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