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tourism in Tibet as an example, the acquisition of Kara’s progress is whirling. Its restructuring plan announced in February this year has been questioned two times by the sfc. Among them, second times whether the company circumvent backdoor, concerted action and other sensitive issues made inquiries. Among them, the inquiry content of the exchange, "the company increased four quarter short-term borrowing of about 418 million yuan, whether to circumvent backdoor listing" one, but also the reorganization pushed to the cusp. The Tibet tourism has not replied to this inquiry letter. In addition, three companies in the acquisition of the 3 billion 100 million storm group, Gump technology in 2014 at a loss, made in 2015 the newly established science and technology. Profitability is unstable, etc. These are the important reasons for the termination of the acquisition.

2 creates the keyword

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entered June, the news of the failure of the reorganization of listed companies continued to come out. Only in June 23rd, there were three listed companies announcement reorganization failed.

1 adds new or unused keywords,

browse the customer’s website, identify the main product categories and models. You can make ad groups for a specific product type or type. Create a new ad group

, for example, let’s take an advertiser who wants to increase the amount of traffic, for example, where the customer sells Acme printer products.

method which includes clicks, add new or unused keywords, search keywords and related websites, there must be a list of keywords, detailed methods can refer to how to expand the keyword. Create keywords for ads that are not advertised in the advertiser’s Web site, which is equivalent to optimizing the analysis site mentioned in the 6 step song. Join a broader keyword, join the broad keywords must be careful, and must match the keyword matching options to operate, you can follow the optimization of the 6 steps in the key word matching options to operate.

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interface news has combed businesses with a significant decline in revenues and profits in 36 failed companies. Among them, gold >

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distinguishes between high click keywords and observes which group of traffic in the ad series takes up the entire range of 50% traffic. Increase daily budget, make daily report, observe advertising time, and make sure budget can provide all delivery time. Increase the maximum cost per click or enhance the quality score, CPC is a result of the rankings, of course, the premise must be keyword quality score is good, if the quality score is not good, then improve the quality score, set distribution preferences to maximize clicks, select the search network on shlf1314 related cooperative search site. Broaden your location, positioning, and set up relevant and adjacent areas according to the product characteristics, such as property, Shanghai, and so on, which can be put into the surrounding areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

first understand the amount of browsing = the number of websites visited by advertising

mergers and acquisitions have not been, and the subject of mergers and acquisitions in the industry as well as the industry’s "43" provision is not related. First of all, from the merger target industry, most of the film, games, and Internet banking and other popular industries. The failure of June 23rd announcement restructuring of Tibet tourism 600749.SH, Yongda group 002622.SZ, 000509.SZ at the Bank of the Internet in the financial sector three companies acquisition target.

adds the variant form:

add summary

when the English keyword comes, plural:

Acme printers

advanced optimization mentioned in the quality score of how to optimize the account, that if the quality score, but the daily traffic is very small, may one day not more than 20 hits, the promotion is not any effect, how to optimize the traffic? How to ensure the promotion hits quality score under the premise? How to bring traffic effectively? Let me introduce about how to operate.

interface news according to WIND statistics show that in 2015 the year of mergers and acquisitions failed only 54 cases, and in 2016 has not been more than half, the failure has reached 36.

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group 300431.SZ, the acquisition of straw bear pictures, constant days dragon network and acquisition of wonderful entertainment network, poly Ling boahsin set by the acquisition of Jiechi technology acquisition targets are in the video game industry. This has been rumored with the film and television, media, VR and other industries mergers and acquisitions case "one thing one discussion" is inextricably linked.

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for the part of the advertiser’s Web site that is not advertised

the reasons for these mergers and acquisitions are also related to the high premium overvaluation in these industries. Is the industry known as the "43 provisions" clearly pointed out that listed companies to issue shares to buy assets, should comply with the "full description and disclosure of the transaction of listed companies can improve asset quality, improve the financial situation and enhance the sustainable profitability and other requirements, and part of the company’s reorganization has stepped on the red line.

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from the acquisition of the underlying enterprises, the failure to be listed on schedule, mainly affected by financing capacity. But for a backdoor enterprise, the blow could be fatal. Because of their poor performance and other reasons, will seek mergers and acquisitions, or backdoor, once failed to declare, these shell resources or mismanagement of enterprises can only seek the next restructuring targets.


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