The essence of understanding the real meaning of Wangzhuan WangzhuanTalking about the dark Venture C

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Wangzhuan, suggests that the use of the network to achieve the purpose of profit. The 90 unscrupulous profligate, higher in their eyes is a piece of cake, easy money was. The reason is that they see a lot of people wandering in the home to the network had a day every day and have ample food and clothing, leisure time to travel around to chat. The most important thing is to have a free space, not by the early eight late five, ready to rest, enjoy the comfort of life. How many people dream of such a life, but how many people really understand the bitterness and frustration.

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here are the questions he has examined in the book:

– on the surface, the school’s mission is to educate children. In fact, the real purpose of the school is to keep the children in the same place so that adults can make room for it by hand during the day. "

overnight "hackers and painters" became very red, this Paul Graham blog published in the United States in 2011 2004, Chinese translation book. Recently, because of the logic of thinking books and create things in mind Sina experimental reports of serial entrepreneurs become more famous.

btw: when I write this article, I deeply appreciate the writing system of sina’s bad, so I switched to Evernote and apple systems of writing. I hope Sina’s technical staff also read this book.

what’s the difference between money and wealth?


I am a fan of this book, but I believe not really read this book, most people will think this is a discussion of Internet technology and hacker books, in fact it is not even a computer and some books, this is an independent thinking deeply on the face of the world with routine problems, no one even fully understand the Internet and computer can get a lot of inspiration, this book proves one thing, as a venture capitalist Paul Graham the world’s most cattle’s success is from the idea of success. I was inspired by the book, and it still motivates me to explore the ideas in the book.

why is school a bad social organization,

– "near my house, the bumper of a car is stuck with a sticky paper that says," death before inconvenience,

why is user experience important,



is the Internet workers migrant workers hard, why not

Wangzhuan formal work, every day is the rest of life is regular, the time will be home from work one day, relieve fatigue easily, by the end of the month will receive a steady paycheck. But Wangzhuan sometimes make life a mess, no time to eat, even have no time to go to bed, how many people in that, it became a habit. A lot of people because of this life and choose to give up, but these are higher if the only way which must be passed with a strong will, may make you feel better. More importantly, no matter what it is, will experience some wind and rain to see the rainbow, beautiful, this is a long process.

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if you want to go online to earn this road, it must pay more effort than others, perhaps the dream is full, the reality is so skinny. If you want to make money on the site, must promote, expand the popularity of the site, all of which can you pay your effort, otherwise your site will be neglected, only and always success across the hand. In the meantime, also want to dig your potential wisdom, to innovate, learn to be flexible.

– most people, in most cases, always choose the easiest thing to do. If the Internet software can beat desktop software, it must win in a more convenient advantage. This is true both from the user’s point of view and from the developer’s point of view."

text / life three poison

– " I have read a lot of historical information and can not find any historical facts before twentieth Century to support the phenomenon that this theory should be universal. Many young apprentices in the Renaissance seemed happy and devoted. In the past, teenagers played a more active role. Before the advent of industrialization, teenagers were some form of apprenticeship, not in a workshop, on a farm, or even on a warship. They will not be thrown aside to create their own small society. They are junior members of adult society. "

maybe when you see those in the workers exposed to the weather would think, is the same day, their hard day but only tens of dollars, compared to the free at home sitting in front of the computer will have a lot of income for those who simply is a world of difference. Why is there such a gap, God is not fair to let people feel. But when you really get into the higher the industry experience, what is higher, the original concept will be ingrained in your mind is completely overturned, because in the face of difficult Wangzhuan is the need of ordinary people do not have the perseverance. We make an assumption, 24 hours a day, every day sitting in front of the computer for 16 hours or so, maybe you questioned, too exaggerated. Can tell you, certainly not, not a bit. This is every staff Wangzhuan have experienced. Because the customer is God, in this period of 16 hours at any time to find your customers, if you are not, you will lose an opportunity, this opportunity may make you lose more, you should know that every chance may have a second chance.

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