Alliance channel 3 alliance will be removed waiting for the new alliance to joinnternet practition

How does

delisting reason: Alliance site web site can not open.

two, choose your favorite and good project to build the site. Everyone has his or her own features, which may involve different fields and may have different views. Use your strengths and plan your site in areas you know well. At present, most of the personal webmaster’s blog exists in the form of blog, and write more of what you are good at. For example, a Taobao, you can set up their own e-commerce blog, believe that for the webmaster can write some things with their own unique insights and ideas, so it will attract many people to visit the site and increase the probability of repeat. Here is to remind you not to choose the topic is too cold, or really no flow.


two, make good use of micro-blog >

1. Use to expand your communication circle. Personal webmaster’s time is limited, here just want to say some suitable for them. The Internet also needs to have contacts to accumulate, especially in the promotion of the embodiment of the full, broad connections, let us multiplier. The most effective way is , personal webmaster is in the evening to manage their own station, this time is also the peak of the internet. There are many groups of people in the same circle on the Internet. There are a lot of like-minded people here, which is very helpful in the future promotion.

do effective promotion?

What kind of website does

Internet industry open diversity, created different jobs, in the same IT industry, we do is very different work. However, often we will find that we share a common identity – webmaster. Now, the individual stationmaster on the network grows up like a spring mushroom, this is decided by objective factor, the cost of website construction drops, spend hundreds to be able to build a station. We believe in the establishment of the purpose is mainly to achieve Wangzhuan, but this is only in the form of the development of sideline wangzhuan. Perhaps it’s because the station owner’s job is not at work, so more Internet workers join the team. Personal webmaster to Wangzhuan or the need to achieve some thinking.

set up?

3 of the removal of the League were:

in addition, the League channel asks for good alliances to join.

one, with a high degree of social concern on the topic. Websites like profit making, the most common is to join the advertising alliance. No matter how Wangzhuan, its basic elements is the site’s traffic. To the current high degree of social concern to the site, is an effective use of resources, when our site on-line, will be subject to this topic of concern. For example, some time ago, micro-blog quite fire, micro-blog marketing has been the concern of the vast number of social groups, many people began to start micro-blog as the theme of the site, and soon achieved success. Here, FTP home views, these hot topics, although high degree of concern, the probability of success is also great. But pay attention to its competitiveness is also great, do such a website is not only you, there are many other people, so, choose this direction or to work hard.

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

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