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I’d like to begin with the thought of my favorite person, from Alex Harry’s article "Shadowland of Dreams" :

in fact, writing is a need to fight a lone battle paying affair. By luck, only a few famous writers, more people aspirations blighted. Even the most successful writers will experience a period of life and unknown to the public. I’m one of them."

Jinshan CEO Fu Sheng

answer: Michael Wolf. He founded five start-ups, and the number is still increasing.

"many young people told me they wanted to be a writer.". I often give them encouragement, but also warned them "when a writer ‘and writing is completely different. Most of the young people actually embrace dream just for fame, not knowing at the typewriter is so long and lonely. "You have a desire to write." I told them, "not just to be a writer.""

at the China Internet Conference in 2013, Jinshan network CEO Fu Sheng at the meeting, talking about the era of spelling father is a better era of entrepreneurship. "Fight father", but in this rapid development of resources and platform to fight, with better resources in order to compete more favorable, and use a larger platform to better development and display their own.

this is from Q & a website Quora, translated by fortune Chinese network:

said that in the era of entrepreneurship competition of family background is better, from where you can see the time for business? Competition of family background of the times, dad is divided into three kinds, father, stepfather and godfather. As an entrepreneur, how do you choose the right father and a better resource?. Fu Sheng comes in later, good resources, we do not need to deliberately seek out, the only thing we can do is to do their own products, let people recognize you, find you the highlights, in order to better invest in you or provide you with better resources.

these people tend to quickly find like-minded people, they all have entrepreneurial dreams, after a brainstorm some ideas from which seems reasonable and creative, according to the design of a product, and then buy a cart, waiting when the offer came in flock, will be a lot of money to the bank.

on the contrary, those who wish to become "entrepreneurs" and become rich overnight, the idea does not really reflect the unique insight or interest. The electronic commerce website they set up a similar, almost no barriers to entry, or are they in Gartner’s report read, a new market is expected to reach the scale of billions, and then take a plunge in copycat products. They are bound to encounter obstacles that are unable to pass, or have no unique insight to defeat their competitors. >

, in 1999 and 2014, we experienced two entrepreneurial tides, and many people suddenly found themselves wanting to be an entrepreneur". Newly graduated MBA students could have joined Goldman Sachs or McKinsey, but they chose to go to San Francisco. The old men in big companies such as Oracle or HP suddenly switched jobs because they didn’t want to miss the next gold rush".

how to make a better start in the age of CEO, Kingsoft network, Fu Sheng talked about: "it is important to return to the source, and constantly think about your products and services, these are the focus of the return of the origin.". As an entrepreneur, you have to go through a lot to do better, or you will encounter more abuse and frustration. As entrepreneurs, to adhere to their beliefs, only to strengthen their beliefs, in order to better achieve the other side of the success of entrepreneurship. As entrepreneurs, we know the details determine success or failure, and seize the small details and you will achieve great success.

as the Internet business owners, how to adapt to the times? Here, I talk about their own views, along with the development of Internet and mobile Internet and big data era, more and more business opportunities, there are more people to choose entrepreneurship. However, in this era of competition of family background, entrepreneurs only their products and services to do well in improving their products and services at the same time early can go to find some better resources to help you, this is a good resource platform in resource utilization of resources, reduce the time wasted, the success of earlier. As long as there is a good product, with a flash point, in order to attract a better background to help you, that is, the so-called "father", so as to achieve the early success of entrepreneurship. Here, A5 webmaster nets admin5 wish broad webmaster friends, as soon as possible entrepreneurial success.

but many people’s hopes will fail. Entrepreneurship is just like Alex Harry’s writing: a company founded by a person who wants to become an entrepreneur is often not the best. The best entrepreneurs are usually knowledgeable and passionate about a specific problem and have the motivation to solve the problem. They will devote themselves to the construction of the company, just want to make it grow stronger. They rarely attend technical meetings, and the company can’t see them at the party, and the acquisition is not their main goal.

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