Two days to promote small Ali shopping League summary

1., Baidu on the site included significantly faster than before, basically send external links to attract users, 3 days included new sites.

2. Taobao guest webmaster is very easy to accept, add an external link, even if you are a not been included in the new station.

3., my slogan and this site do link, and then click, your website automatically recommended to this station home advertising (Adsense are not willing to spend money to buy advertising position, I send you free).

4. in 3 without any technical content, in the local Q group to recruit a human contact Taobao customer master class I (we can not treat people, to impart knowledge exchange).

5. wants A5 to be a friend of Taobao’s Web site and receive information such as 3, as appropriate.

6. re positioning this site: only to find the mall class, shopping guide sites do connection, vertical navigation.

7. on earnings direction is unclear, like brothers and sisters on


8., please witness the growth of this site, and you go hand in hand with Amoy friends.

9, I wish you all a long time to make money.

10, so far, this site has joined 50 professional Taobao guest website, 20 mall class website.

personally, QQ:473076, welcome to exchange questions. Answer: don’t know,

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