Stationmaster learns Zhao Benshan advance with time new high

believes that these days everybody had read Zhao Benshan MBA news, the uncle is Chinese entertainment for decades the wind does not collapse, rain does not fall on the giant, fame, his reputation, in the Chinese place known to every family, no one does not know; on the influence, people will see the governor on an equal footing; theory of wealth, he is said to have 700 million net worth, had no shortage of fame, not bad money, why should he have to read what MBA, let some people go to see a joke? You know such a top MBA, optical fee to about 500000, you can imagine all sorts of criticism, the taunt, may have people think this is a joke, you just graduated from primary school, you read what you MBA, this is not a money burning


but in my opinion, he is a real learning, keeping pace with the times, why is Zhao Benshan so successful, he must have his reasons, long time work in the career, loneliness, but not willing to reality, he was just out of the society is just a song and dance duet actor, through their own inherent the talent and hard work, continuous learning, constantly breakthrough yourself and create the ordinary people do not create achievements. As a personal webmaster, we should learn how to learn Zhao Benshan, the spirit of keeping pace with the times, in my opinion, the following three points are very important.

: the first learning is its own thing, not used to decorate the facade of the things, from Zhao Benshan himself spent 550 thousand to read MBA can know, his reputation, his influence did not need to spend 550 thousand to hype their own packaging, but because he really need to make the transition to do business planning, need to add background knowledge such. Learning, and as a webmaster we should also do our business and learning and related knowledge, really into it, learn it, grasp it, use it.

second: enhance self-confidence, not because of a little frustration is stagnant, to acquire new knowledge and use of new knowledge to win, the so-called insist Aoyama do not relax, it will not be because of the four corners of the world wind, like Zhao Benshan’s media criticism, the cold satirical ridicule and give up to read MBA, and we as individuals the site, to keep learning, continue to explore, and in this process, you can imagine will encounter many difficulties, but must strengthen confidence, continue to break their own, it is possible to make a success.

third: to take precautions in stages to learn different knowledge, Zhao Benshan just way, absolutely not to learn what MBA, at that stage he may learn is how to sing the song and dance duet, how to play a good play, but we, as a personal webmaster, to be divided into different stages to learn different knowledge as a green hand, the rookie webmaster, we are going to learn some simple encoding, art design, site slightly molding, we want to learn SEO, promotion; site of a certain group of users, have a certain reputation, we must learn to learn marketing, set up team etc.. Just like the thing I just started

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