How to prevent website content from being stolen

‘s maintenance of the SEO policy might help you find problems that are completely unrelated to SEO. For example, SEO can help you discover whether or not web content has been stolen. One way to do this is to add unique tags to your website. Some people steal content from other people’s Web sites into their own websites. If you add unique tags to your web content, you can quickly find stolen content.

Another way

SEO helps find stolen content is to track the user’s whereabouts. Typically, when SEO policies are executed, programs such as Google analytics are used to monitor the site. Through this kind of analysis program, you can find stolen content. For example, in this kind of program, you can see that users enter the site through those links, and sometimes you may find users from a completely unexpected place. That’s where you can link to that site to see what’s going on. It’s easy to spot websites that steal content. There are many ways to keep track of the content of your web site.

tags the content of the site and finds only stolen content, but it does not prevent the recurrence of similar events. There is a way to prevent content from grabbing web content – domain hiding. Domain hiding is actually hiding the actual address of your web site. You can redirect visitors to another URL using the HTML framework. For example, the site’s address is, which can be disguised as

using domain hiding techniques

, but the problem is that domain hiding can also affect search engine crawlers, because the same content will appear on two different pages, one for real web pages and the other for redirected pages. Another problem is that the search engine crawler cannot read the set of frames used to redirect users, which means that the site may not be able to participate in the ranking of search results. So you can use this method only when the content is really unique and can greatly enhance your ranking.

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