The outlook for web games in 2009 is the size of the game site

2009 web games in the game market has shown several hundred, hundreds of web game companies compete with each other. But there are several profits from the market, the news came out that the current income of no more than 5.

         ;     but some web hosting companies revealed that the news was purely pedestrian nonsense. Is it real or is it bullshit? These are not what we need to be concerned about, but we are concerned about whether it will affect our web game site. Personally, I think the impact is yes, but not very much. Because Web Games in the market can not go bankrupt, even if closed down.

            that is, those who do not have the ability of small web game companies, small web game failures have no impact on us. Big deal, those office workers all go to play a game, so for us to do web game site influence is not very big. Only you that optimize your site, and what to say.

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