Mobile web design white paper in depth understanding of user needs

does not think that now the mobile site has become increasingly poor, and now mobile web pages have basically become App accessories, the status is very poor. But now we have the tools to change the bad situation, with the support of the concept of mobile-first, and in response to the development of the design, I believe the future of the mobile phone "will have more excellent user experience. But don’t be too happy. If you don’t get permission to use it, you won’t be able to use tools that are about to change your phone’s Web pages.

is what makes our mobile pages difficult to progress, and the user’s habits are a big hindrance. The difficulty with mobile web pages is that you have to let users get rid of the mindset of using browsers and programs on the computer, allowing users to embrace a new way of browsing.

has to admit that doing mobile sites is a thankless job for

, we have to face the fact that it will take a lot of time and cost to optimize web pages in response to design.

when we have to face so many different sizes of screens and consider so many different performance settings, we need to spend too much time and cost on different types of response design. Designers need to consider different page layouts, different interaction styles, as well as users run smoothly whether different devices have corresponding functions to support ", these are the need to spend a lot of time to do the test. But the cost of time and cost is inevitable, especially when developers want to constantly optimize their pages on different devices. In fact, after such a long time, have the opportunity to change this situation, it is a pity that companies spend too many resources in the mobile phone web development mode, they have lost the change of determination and motivation.

changes are difficult,

is one of the fear of change of human nature, and are now facing a relationship to the practical interests of the change, if the change is not successful, the enterprise may lose billions of market, who dares to risk their lives? Even if it takes a lot of cost and manpower to do in response to design, we have the courage to challenge the user’s habits, and this must be the traditional site of user training for more than ten years of struggle to use! You go looking for a user to ask, "what is in his eyes, he will certainly tell you that it is a 960 pixels wide, comfortably into view the window of the page, can do a lot of things, there are many practical and interesting content. When you ask him what his mobile page looks like, he probably thinks about App only. Users will describe the web as a poor, small amount of navigation based feature. This is really a sad reality – both web pages, mobile pages and traditional web pages are so big!




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