Grassroots webmaster in 2012 to avoid several mistakes


years after I published an article in A5 "analysis" at the end of 2011 summary of the survival status of individual stationmaster finally said back there will be a series of summary articles, the article mainly writes some current survival status of grassroots webmaster and I on the Internet some people think, in the understanding of the current webmaster the living conditions we found that most of the webmaster or in confusion, not enough profit, but why these owners still insist on a webmaster? Because of me many webmaster friends, and they found me in the chat in the process, although there are many webmaster and not how good, there is no good idea however, they always have a sense of confidence in the Internet, there is a firm belief in their own station, they will be able to think in the webmaster The road is very far away, this belief holds many webmaster, so I’m here to talk about the establishment of new sites of some suggestions.

everyone has a different situation, the site also has a way to make money. Here I am thousands on thousands of, there is no way to say what the website is good, people do make money you do not make money, but relatively speaking, there will still be some future good and more difficult to do today. I have to say about the 2012 new construction of grassroots webmaster should avoid some misunderstanding.

Some say the first

direction should avoid it, these words may offend many students in training for the predecessors, here to explain, since the media age everyone has the right to express their views, the following error is purely personal understanding:

misunderstanding 1: Taobao. A lot of people that Taobao customers can make a lot of money, indeed, I do not have a monthly income of one hundred thousand Taobao customers, but now Taobao off because of Baidu’s repression, entered the station group, has been the webmaster to low investment and high returns, and now all kinds of product competition is very fierce, new enter the station is very difficult to share a cup of soup, more and more companies began to do their own shopping mall, to start their own marketing, Taobao customers living space is shrinking seems to expand, for individual webmaster, so enter the difficulty is small, but the profit to a relatively high degree of.

misunderstanding two: standing group. There are more and more stations and also on behalf of a search engine will be more emphasis on combat stations, plus now stations into more and more, so that the novice webmaster or envy others stations old webmaster best or not easily enter into high cost, risk is large, but also not return as easy as you think.

misunderstanding three: product payment promotion. This mode of operation of a few years ago, a simple web site or single page + major search engine promotion, through the sale of products to make money, this money was very legend, is also very crazy, but with the increase of various products and spread of bidding, this alone can find a good product directly on the auction money fewer opportunities, don’t think you hold that a chance, maybe you >

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