Wolf on the road local Sns website profit way

The introduction of the

SNS concept has made SNS sites flood now, as is the local sns web site. Baidu, Google, "local + happy network / Renren" will see a lot of content, almost SNS local website, I believe there will always be one or two remaining tenacious, innovative SNS website. I also wrote some of the local SNS website article: "Xi’an happy net allows local SNS website to see the dawn [], copycat renren.com appeared I saw now the more successful local SNS website about this, there is a" Chongqing slip ": http://s. www.cq6.com, the site" Love Dating in Chengdu I used to do it together, the result that I die, this Chongqing slipped gJj alive, I understand how far the distance between master and rookie. Ha ha,


same, SNS website’s profit is also a problem, "campus network" why want to change "everybody net", in fact very simple, because student groups do not have much spending power, they can’t earn "big money"". Today I do not say "happy net", "everybody net" gain, because I do not have that aptitude, ha ha, simple talk about the development of local SNS website and profit way.

: the first Tencent to study, the accumulation of local users, enhance the user adhesion sites, all levels of local net and age of the user, the first core, to reflect the SNS social, a user group, there is the money base.

1, ad

local SNS website advertising, in addition to learning happy network, Renren do some implantable advertising, fully integrated into the game, and strengthen brand awareness, and strive for consumer recognition and good impression. In addition, you can do a lot of targeted advertising, as long as there are users, it is very easy to do advertising for the local.

2, game

SNS is the site with many local Kang Sheng uch, which itself joined the game, from the station can be divided into; also can do two times based on uch, with more games, this "Chongqing slip" did a very good job.

3, combined with local characteristics, launched offline activities

lets users from the virtual community to go to real life, in fact, itself is a "very exciting", and through the local company team to carry out a series of friends, entertainment and tourism, charge membership fees, profit from. In the northwest desert, Xi’an happy nets engaged in a lot of outdoor tourism, what’s your foot. Chongqing mountains and water, the most important is a lot of beauty, Chongqing slipped has carried out many parties, dinners, participate in each activity, not a group of beautiful women, these are local characteristics! Besides, what wedding ah, love as the theme of the meetings that is what time can do.


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