How does the nternet come into my life

my first contact with the Internet in 2002, I became the director of the Red Dragonfly computing center Wang home to see him I open the GG page in a few years later, I told this to search a lot of interesting things, I blurted out, and then enter porn, sex, and then is a big English on site, there are Chinese pornographic novels, handsome.

I was using my mailbox for the first time, too. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my mailbox at that time. I didn’t even have my own cell phone. I don’t even have a fixed line at home. A friend of mine, a lovely American girl from Taiwan, made a brief stay in Beijing and returned to the United states. She asked me to use e-mail, so I registered one at sina. However, there are very few letters. One is that I don’t speak English, and two, I don’t have Internet access.

I had a personal homepage for the first time in 2003, and I did it with Zhang Jie, now AOKANG, when I was at home with my college classmates at a small club, pottery, book bar – Seventh space. Li Jie helped me to do a website, hanging in the 51 or two level domain name server, and now I only remember a column called "write, write their own, others, to see others" from 2003 to 2006, I started my own business, I also have a business site, is a a tax on financial home, hanging on a friend of the space, then I in the Nanjing accountant colleague Zhao Qiang, also help me modify the content. At that time, webmaster Ma Jun is still in Chengdu, do stand already quite experienced. We also exchanged links.

looks like in 2007, I registered the domain name of in the new network. At that time, I began to recognize the reputation now outside the fast code site, long Gjj, to learn a lot of him standing knowledge, but also my idol now.

was low in 2007. He knew Wang Tong and agreed on how to use the Internet to develop business. He bought a set of his works.

over the years, did not achieve any results, previously felt that the opportunity is everywhere, want to do everything, and now is to consider their strength, select the appropriate project and work, no longer distract efforts.

from the first time to see the Internet excited, then identified the Internet will become a way of life, now not to 5 years, the Internet has gradually enveloped around us, and this network is more and more close, really, he will replace the TV as a new generation of people living in a part of.

finally want to say is, with everyone learning, learning from the Internet, thinking about the Internet, let the Internet bring me wealth, is what I am thinking now.

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