Follow the rules of the game and make your website burn quickly

some people say that in accordance with the formal steps to do things only if so depressed, with trail method or edge ball will be successful, since the reform and opening up a lot of people are on the side of the ball successfully, I also talk about the rules of the game today, but on the side of the ball to make their sites hot up.

what QQ promotion, mail promotion, soft Wen promotion, right, I also do soft Wen promotion, but the real effect is very good, I think the soft Wen is not comparable to the way I want to say now.

I’m starting to talk about ways:

1. at the end of the world, Sohu, Sina, registered ID please do not register the main starting point information is true; my name is I registered website name for example: riparian tree prediction website (hint: username long, this typography can be accounted for two, the other is a row of their two rows that is attracting attention as Figure)


2. find related topics of the forum, for example my site is telling the station, I found the world is nonsense, nonsense stories where other posts are easy to remove, I published an article called your immortal website this is a novel name and articles I do not mention your own website address if it is, violation of the rules, my article title, abide by the rules of the game, so you don’t want too much. So, what’s your website address? The picture, as shown in figure


3. novel content:

said to comply with the rules of the game, if you can’t write that to find a famous novel, stick Post Bar, get a few chapters and their daily top, hey register all false, if someone found your own original novel is not afraid, not afraid, I’m not saying that is small myself. I reproduced. At most, I just changed the title or added an original XX novel in the title.

you should pass it, so do tens of thousands a day IP slippery came. This paper consists of feeds.

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