Looking at the development mode of website business from the rise of webmaster DC channel

        today to the webmaster nets, see the Admin5 news: IDC news channel stationmaster net monthly business exceeded 150 thousand, when Admin5 IDC just opened business, I registered a domain in which, today suddenly saw the stationmaster net in less than half the time to do it more than 150 thousand monthly business, indeed very deep feelings.

      if only from the business volume, the webmaster nets of such numbers does not bring much shock to the industry, but as just half of the business, there are many places worth learning and thinking about the Webmaster:

1, the site must have the main direction, around the main business of the edge of the business gradually developed

      we all know that Admin5 is webmaster information started, also have a lot of friends know the main operation direction of Admin5 is in the domain name transaction, while the IDC plate was mistaken for a lot of friends from graph king doing fun things.

      in fact, according to the location of the station network and development, is not so simple, because a comprehensive portal platform is always webmaster station network positioning is to serve the owners, so in fact can cover the business scope is quite broad, so offer IDC services do not play, but from the root of mining webmaster needs.

      but another friend asked: why Adsense network at the beginning of the station did not explore this business, but wait until the end of 07 years when the opening?

      it also brings us enlightenment place: a web site in the station early or even half a year, don’t offer too many projects and business, it will make itself is not the kind of exposure to the audience in the sea feeling, many local operating station friends have had experience in the Admin5 post, without exception, said: the early opened column on the topic not too, should be targeted, so the creation of mainstream business too early, and not much business characteristics, as well as Admin5 information and trading market, and gradually expand the mining level, achieve user habits and needs of users highly uniform effect.

two, according to their actual situation, select business type

      many industry station friends and friends do local portal, as long as the right direction, all branches of the project will be all done, in fact, for the initial entry into the industry novice friends, is worth warning.

      Admin5 clearly stated in an open press release: "surface >

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