Behind the scenes how many of these public numbers have been made to make tens of thousands of ads


because WeChat subscription number "serious gossip" popular, so that rose babe has become a media circle of reds. On the same day as she was interviewed, there was another fashion magazine that wanted to film her for many years as a journalist, hidden behind countless reports, and now she was being intrigued by others.

is different from the imagination, and the experienced baby has a face. Time is very precious to her, she went out to carry a laptop computer, or on high heels. Two an interview with the gap, she sat opposite hangchikengchi to reporters in code. Every evening around nine o’clock, her subscription number is pushed, and before she releases, she has to finish the complex process of writing, editing, reviewing, and most of the work is done by herself.

like her, there are many such creators on the Internet, they use their own long, offering entertainment, fashion, delicacy and other types of subscription, dissemination of works, in the new media platform to share knowledge and experience and attitude to life.

who are those behind the master? How do they play with the new media? The "circle" interviewed many fans "love gossip grow Association", "serious gossip", "Li Rebecca’s world", "tongue movies" subscription number behind the traders, listen to them on behind the sequence of events.

accidentally test the water: media people play new tricks privately,

, rose, Beibei, and her serious "deep fried body"

in June 24th last year, WeChat issued her first rose baby article, titled "the first serious gossip:" black history forgotten, is written by Zhang Yimou, Liu Xiaoqing and other stars of the past little gossip. At that time, the subscription number was only three users, in addition to two "out of circle" friends, as well as herself.

rose at Beibei "Vista world" magazine, for amusement occupation career when she saved a lot of stars "leftover material". These anecdotes seem to be scattered and combined with each other, yet they are strung together into logical lines of story. At first, she put these stories as a gossip to share a few friends around, but a lot of times, there will be a chat content into text ideas, "since in the chat, I’ll take these 00 pieces of things to say, write down not directly write to more people, if someone love?" this is the first motive of her creation.


subscription number "serious gossip," the first phase of content


finished her first article, she thought it was "very old" and was embarrassed to share it with friends. It was only transferred to a few friends outside the circle. Five minutes later, the article was actually unit colleagues saw and thrown into the work group, two no intersection of groups, in the information on the realization of the common, she felt very magical. To her surprise, >

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