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Guo Nan: as a mobile interface designer, if you’ve read the design guidelines for Material Design, this article is a good design case. If you haven’t read this article, it is one of the most vivid and easy starting point to another, to help you enter the Material Design of the world.

, as you all know, Google recently released the Android Lollipop system, and a major change in the system is the introduction of a new visual language: Material Design. With the release of the new system, Android has also released a cross platform vision, dynamic and interactive design guidelines. In October 7th, Google’s Material Design experience team organized a workshop, sharing some design ideas and tips with the third party app team to guide their design on the Android platform.

in my opinion, this improvement of Android is a real step in the right direction. The new system is now sufficiently consistent and flexible enough to be compatible with any new app design. So, after I came back, I went back to my feedly design and tried to redesign the feedly interface, based on the design guidelines of Material Design.

this attempt, my main objective is to create a completely new version of the Material Design principles optimized by Google. This release will guide the future design of the design team. At the same time, we can choose some of the design points, landing immediately and released in later versions. The second goal of this attempt is to get some user feedback for feedly. So, if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

this article contains not only the results of the redesign, but also the design thinking in the process.

well, get to the point. Let’s start the Material Design right away.


in this redesign, I focused on designing several major interfaces for feedly. Below is the design before (top) and design (bottom) comparison chart.


The design guidelines for

Material Design will be too complicated to describe in full. So here I extracted four core design points, and these four core points are also the main basis for my redesign.

, a tangible interface (Tangible Interfaces)

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