CCTV2 set of programs two days to bring me 1000 P

          long-term mixed A5, look at how you earn all kinds of IP articles, but relative to me, can use the experience is very poor. Either you don’t understand it, or you don’t know how to operate it. Stand also done for several months, every day rely on a few keywords, every day to maintain a certain IP, and always can not have a breakthrough in quality. More can not understand, some experts write how to use an article to earn thousands or even tens of thousands of IP. But today I’m going to talk about how I used an article for two days to earn 1000+IP.

          yesterday, when collecting articles published, saw an article about Taobao’s opening business; this article was published in Taobao forum to give the essence. I went over it carefully, and the landlord posted a CCTV2 set on his post to broadcast the story of the success story of his opening business, a replay of June 8th 12:30  and more than 3 p.m.. At that time I did not care, but this article is slightly edited, reprinted to my website, the article reprinted in the morning, the broadcast time is still a few hours. But my station is to provide Taobao shop website I love Taobao, this program is still attractive to me so, immediately turn on the TV, 12:30 time in CCTV2 set of wealth story will be broadcast. The program content is about Shanxi rural Tuhuo products sell Taobao selling the shop owner Wang Xiaobang, entrepreneurial pioneer essay in, then the majority of users encounter portrait spoof, the story of the rising flow shop. After the program was over, I closed my computer and went out.

          6 p.m. home to open the computer to see statistics, the surprise of the scene, only the "King Xiaobang" keyword brings me to the more than 60 IP, including other keyword search countless words Wang Xiaobang. I have not recovered, carefully fine after the following process: after the release of the article about 3-4 hours included Baidu, CCTV2 programs then broadcast, afternoon repeat broadcast, causing the majority of users have curiosity, understand the king Xiaobang information search. Before the broadcast of "the king Xiaobang attention is less than 30, I have certain advantages. I released a follow up a victory with hot pursuit, Title Keyword large and complete articles, about 3 hours after being included in Baidu, as of now this article has brought me about 400IP. But with more and more attention to broadcast programs, web pages also rose, "Wang Xiaobang" keyword from the first page I have dropped to the fourth page, but other related keywords or brings me considerable traffic.



keyword search on Wang Xiaobang some screenshots of

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