Novice Webmaster beginning for the webmaster’s joy and sentiment

access to the Internet for several years, but do the webmaster or a big girl – the first time. The first station, in addition to more exciting and fresh, more of a calm thinking after.

since the choice of the road, I was a road full of confidence to go. As the saying goes, everything is hard in the beginning, because not previously involved in the industry, want to make it light with confidence is not enough, so I prepared to do a full.

1. Study, study, and study

need to do website technology, this is what I am missing now, I do not believe a webmaster without technology can do a good job site. To this end, I began to learn modestly, they do not understand the school, puzzled and asked, all to digest. Network technology, the practice of strong, and blindly rely on their own study, time-consuming and laborious, and may not be able to achieve good results. Before listening to a friend said, the site is a very hard thing, always not to regard it as right now they are doing, and have a deeper understanding, but suffered in the music, so that their own more of an understanding of the industry, to master a technology.

two, strengthen communication,

any industry needs to communicate, so do the enemy, we can learn from each other. As an old webmaster said, "you have me on the road, and we all work together to make this industry bigger and stronger, so that more Internet users will be satisfied.".

three, peace of mind and

in fact, we do web site, the purpose is very simple, all in order to make money, we have to live after all. But I think, for a just do the website of people, can’t take advantage of too heavy, a day must have how many IP, if so ask yourself, there will be a lot of pressure. If you do not ideal, will make yourself discouraged, lose enthusiasm and morale. As long as we do what we should do, perfect the process, and the results need not be too much pursuit. So the mentality is very important, must be interested.

four, persevere,

began to do so, everyone can maintain a high degree of passion, but a long time, not everyone can be the same as the original. In everything you do, you insist, just as you follow. Without this spirit, your website will not be successful. I want to do more than just do the website and do anything else. Without perseverance, I won’t succeed.

is a long way to go, I will search under the


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