The site for the record filing station you hurt

Hello, I’m Muzi in the boat. Some time ago I have several friends site because the site was shut down for the record, I also have a website impact, then heard many webmaster because of a website for the issue of complaints, the site for the record has been a big problem when domestic owners in the management of the site, not because we are lazy webmaster don’t want to record, but the genuineness of the domestic website for the record in accordance with the procedures go, you can not afford! Don’t know this problem on a web site on the record by the number of injuries? How many Webmaster Station from abroad? Today I according to this problem, talk about some of his own views.

1, which webmaster will be injured because of the website filing,


is the site for the record we have a headache, and more or less we webmaster will record the site because of injury, the injured person is the size, the mentality of the internal strength of the practice, the internal force of advanced person naturally less harm. For the record, a lot of people injured is mainly due to opportunistic, remember back you said in front of earth space, space velocity of the earth is very good, except for some unstable, other places worth, before I have several station is on earth, one is in the country, two is not required for the record, three is the unconditional withdrawal of space, earth will refund. But this time the record after the storm, estimated by the Ministry of the earth he was forced to all strict requirements of domestic websites need to record, and the original commitment refund denied, so I suffered heavy losses, more depressing is that they can be put back the domestic space for Hongkong, have to say the earth a lot of problems, I seriously injured. Maybe a lot of people have suffered the same injuries as me. Here I summarize several major sites for record injury types:

A, first of all, I am such a webmaster, opportunistic, lazy, do not want to record. This will hurt, because once the Ministry issued a document, you really dumbfounded, and you don’t even have to measure not only the time and effort to turn a two space, you are also affected by the 10, 20 you can not stand.

, B, followed by seeking convenience, want to fast record type. Fast filing friend did not pass the results because the check was shut down, then a sad drama, all the site open, covered with confusion to buy a foreign or Hongkong space, to a plan, but I do not know it is for this reason the optimization of website has caused injury.

, C, and finally some people want to file, but because the filing process is too cumbersome and retreat, I am one of this kind of person. Many people believe that is because the record is too cumbersome and retreat, the formal record indeed regular, even the time is fast for N preparation, may record this thing really need our care ah! But it is careful to prepare the case, is careful not to record


2, the risk of a common solution to the filing problem!


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