Views on the optimization of medical websites

medical industry high returns and high profit more and more hospitals are aiming on the electronic commerce the medical industry, bidding and SEO is unusually hot speculation, in the process of competition, there will be some "extreme optimization techniques" turned out, given the industry’s air quality seriously the pollution, based on this, Baidu also started the medical industry SEO crazy purification, today we talk about the medical profession SEO to optimize the status and direction of the walk.

since it is a discussion of the status quo or the future, it is necessary for us to compare it with us. From the previous optimization methods in the optimization of the feasibility of one by one analysis.

1] bidding. This needless to say, and now the medical website bidding and SEO are separated, the effect of the most obvious bidding, is still the current medical website access to the main means of flow, this article is not discussed.

2], links and news source, soft text. A fellow of the author, once the Links and news source soft of the 132 diseases such as diabetes, vitiligo words do Baidu home page, so powerful? Now this method is still feasible? According to the author and a number of exchanges between peers, case analysis shows that the effect of soft news sources have disappeared, Links is still valid, the Links and buy one-way links (personal site, high quality site) to achieve the ultimate, can do the same. But to recognize that all things are not absolute, for example, buy links this thing, Baidu is clearly the object of Scindapsus aureus algorithm, but not to say that you buy the one or two link Baidu will hit, but you buy links with junk links, or links too obvious, then you will Baidu took aim, news source soft too, although the effect is not obvious, but the bold speculation, the news source some high weight of the site or have the effect, the key is to pass the quality. What is the quality? It is useful to the user of the article, such as a real pathological analysis, the contents do not cheat, the same case the people see and will have a general understanding of their condition and treatment, this article for him, it is useful. In short, SEO can not be immutable, sharp eyes and quick thinking is the key to SEO in the medical industry.

3), level two domain name. 39, drug seeking and other large medical sites and small sites, independent, two level domain name for There are both advantages and disadvantages. weight of high standing, master, the 301 can quickly put the weight transfer in the past, keywords ranking will rise quickly, the drawbacks is that the two level domain suffered punishment will affect the weight of the main station, a a double-edged sword.

basically on these points, from the analysis of one by one, you can see that the current medical industry SEO is in dire straits, not change, have to die. Then, the optimization of medical websites should follow. The author believes that the website optimization will eventually go back to the website itself. This is the root of all the optimization. User body >

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