Problems in hospital websites in the medical industry two

current medical industry in the hospital site problems, second phase, in fact, this second phase for some friends, may not be a very serious problem. Today to say may be still hospital site of pre planning some attention, but I think each hospital is facing new website, so I write this article. I think there are still some reference for everyone.

for the medical industry, the formation of the hospital network marketing team is not perfect, the lack of specialized medical site early development of site planning personnel, so to design out of the site will have a lot of details of the problem, although the problem is not serious, but the problem is always a problem. Even if only 1% of the impact, I think it should be ruled out as far as possible.

page opens

web operators can now open their own websites to see how their website links (news links, navigation links) are opened. Does your hospital website jump to the new page on the basis of the original page, or do you open the new page directly in the new window?

we take a hospital for reference, please open the check this hospital website links open website, open the way for the jump to the new page in the original page, which is the way to map a. Well, let’s talk about this link now, so let’s just click on a link in the organization’s Web site and move on to the next page.

, we can look at this page, and although this site introduces a crumb link in the design, it tells the user which browser he or she is browsing in.

– – "bread crumb links,

now we imitate the user access process, take a look at this article, this article a total of three screen length (the mouse wheel scrolling, and more) in the article finally did not give users an indication of this is the return to the home page, or to browse the relevant content classification. The user will need to drag the page to the first screen, and then click the navigation Home button for the return operation. This undoubtedly increases the user’s operational steps. Here, imagine if the user clicks the "close" button after browsing through this article. What to do? This is the biggest problem and embarrassment when you jump to the new page in the original page. It also involves a problem where the user is habitually closed after visiting the page, and the results continue to look for the hospital’s associated formula, which is likely to result in the two click of Baidu or Google’s ad campaign.

so, let’s look at a better solution.

this organization at the end of the news page to add a pointer to the user’s link button, tell the user you can return to the home after reading. No doubt solved some of the problems. But what if the user closes the page habitually,

?Here’s what


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