The difference in design of the shopping process


tour in the major electricity supplier website you, in online shopping, I did not know whether or not aware of some small differences,

sets out specific content, visual styles, and recalls the pages of the products that we are familiar with… Of course, this is not playing everyone to leave the game, need to look at the periphery piercing eye. We can experience from the details of the interface, and even squint to find something.

pro, did you remember what’s the difference,


OK, let’s get the answer: the difference is in the purchase button on the details page.


holding the inquisitive spirit to stroll around the other business website, not found this may and type of website of business. For example, Taobao, pat belongs to the C2C type, there is obvious "direct purchase", "join the shopping cart" button; Jingdong, Yi Xun belongs to the B2C type, only "join the shopping cart" button. What’s the design for this,


the following is an analysis of the author’s expectation, Paizhuan, added:

The difference in the

platform determines the role of the shopping cart in different

first of all, from the nature of the platform, C2C is a multi store system, equivalent to the shopping experience of the store; B2C is a single mall system, equivalent to the shopping experience of large supermarkets.


multi store system, that is, shops are distributed everywhere, can be compared to the real life of small shop shopping. Small shop is not exclusive logistics system, so in C2C orders after payment, also need to online confirmation receipt and evaluation. For the same kind of goods, there may be a variety of prices in different stores, and the price is determined by the seller. We click on "join the shopping cart", will stay on the current page, so the shopping cart here is more likely to continue to buy in this shop.

B2C can be compared to a supermarket in real life. It’s a single mall system. There is a unified product label, the only commodity prices, have their own exclusive logistics system, the next line after receipt, no need to confirm the receipt on-line. In the "add to cart", will jump to other pages, because no matter where or jump to belong to the mall, so this shopping cart emphasizes the whole concept of the website, where all goods for an all.


1 action buttons, VS, 2 action buttons,

can be sure that most e-commerce users buy a single piece of merchandise on an e-commerce site. Therefore, from the purchasing behavior, "immediate purchase" should be the most necessary operation of the user. If the interface is only 1>

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