New station by K may not be a bad thing more force Adsense to improve the quality of the site

my site is launched in 2009 June, was not what the chain, only rely on the updated daily, at the end of the website Baidu ranking is in front, update the page snapshot every day, it was the site of the flow are 90% Baidu brings. But the good environment is not long, in January 14, 2010 by the IDC service provider found my website has Adult supplies, closed my website, in order to restore the site as soon as possible on the same day, I delete the site above Adult supplies.

until 18 was broken network, 90 small sites finally restored access, that day check Baidu included as 0, do stand a year long back, met the legendary K station, then anxious my mind is blank. Fortunately, two or three days after Baidu returned to my original most included (now it seems Baidu should have just for a few days can not access the site temporarily blocked in the search results, once the site restored access, Baidu will recover most included in a short period of time).


website to restore access to a few days before the flow and be shut before or almost, was really happy, that is just a false alarm; but not happy for a few days the site was suddenly Baidu right down, a few days did not come to IP, presumably because the site for three or four days can not access by Baidu drop right, just Baidu right down for a few days during the buffer period did not immediately reflected.

down right, from Baidu almost no IP. At this time, I began to think of the site is not too dependent on Baidu? Because I was almost never done outside the chain, the most rely on the acquisition to rely solely on regular updates to improve Baidu ranking; website chain in other search engine rankings are not high, after the decision will try to focus on to improve the quality of the website.

after nearly two months of efforts, although Baidu ranking still did not return to the Baidu site my website over a few pages also can not find the page where, but now the site has a lot of traffic. Because through the improvement of the site’s friendly interface, attracted a lot of repeat customers, but also increase the original and the chain, my site through other search engines Sogou, Google have brought a lot of traffic.

through this time K station, I think the site traffic can not be too dependent on a single search engine, I just rely too much on Baidu, will be caused by K after no traffic. So I think the new station by K or drop right is not a bad thing, more can force Adsense to improve the quality of the site. The problems found in the earlier, the cost is low; the site is undergoing a total day after K, K you to scold the search engine station is also of no avail, because they do not listen to, even if they heard, we have no way to others; some of the snappy comebacks, we really need to do is to calm down, to improve the quality of website is the hard truth.

webmaster in a problem, more need calm mentality, especially after the site is K, don’t give up easily, can insist on to continue to do it, in fact, now ranked very good >

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