Traditional enterprise network marketing needs to avoid several detours

now, the problem of network marketing is the traditional enterprise has not to do and not to do, but how to do? How to do will have effect? This group of customers in the Ken Tan network marketing agency currently in service in 80%, the customer is not involved in network marketing, a considerable percentage of the enterprises long ago it has launched a network marketing business, and many enterprises are also looking for network marketing service company for several professional, even had also put a lot of manpower, which is ultimately the effect is not ideal! How to do network marketing has always been a topic here by a commonplace talk of an old scholar, for these companies to carry out before the network marketing situation in the preliminary understanding and analysis, summarize the reasons for the following enterprises to develop the network marketing effect is not good, for your reference!

1. Understanding of network marketing

the so-called understanding of the problem is mainly that traditional enterprises do not have a correct and objective understanding of network marketing. The so-called network marketing, in short, is network + marketing, the two are indispensable, but focus on marketing. The final understanding of the issue is mainly reflected in the enterprise main body, as a successful traditional enterprise boss, has no sense of marketing is not, but the network is somewhat strange, so they will mistakenly believe that network marketing key is reflected in the network, and then do network promotion, do a good business website is the network marketing. At the same time plus the market that advocate network marketing company technology first, no marketing planning skills for commercial interests, the wrong guide! For a transaction in the absence of a correct and scientific understanding of the premise, you hurry, you will fail from closer before a tan roots! "On the network marketing, network marketing, e-commerce, the three concepts of" coarse text, we do not put off to see


two, prophase network marketing planning problem

before carrying out network marketing project, we first need to be very clear what is the purpose of network marketing is to spread the brand?? or want to through the network of merchants? Or directly to the end customers to provide products and services? Maybe something you want to achieve through the network, the network can also help you achieve this several! But different purpose determines you carry out the network marketing strategy will be different. After all, the enterprise brand communication, merchants, retail service audiences are not the same, their focus is not the same, if not the actual purpose of the development of network marketing strategy and the corresponding to take the form of wide net, East West hit a shot, the gun, which also want that, too, the result is a sesame lost watermelon, what are not final.

first we should have a clear objective, to identify target customers where they love, what about what, then they can meet the needs of targeted in the formulation conforms to the characteristics of the network attack strategy, the only hope of success. As for how to produce, is another topic, Tan roots network camp >

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