What skills will be required to participate in the exhibition

in China, China Merchants exhibition has become an important stage for many enterprises to display their own, especially in the professional class merchants exhibition, not only to attract business, but also to learn and exchange with others.

1, the organization and management of the exhibition site

2, exhibition site communication skills

ready. Before the exhibition opens, booth design and construction needs to do a good job of preparation, such as the display of the product display, join promotional materials, used to demonstrate the computer, and so on, as well as staff standing position, etc.. Full preparation will make you busy even if you are very busy, or even if there is not a lot of audience, but also to create a warm atmosphere. People often don’t want to go to the empty booth.

summary. When the audience expressed interest, booth construction company must be able to immediately seize the key points the other party wants to understand. A general introduction to the unique characteristics of the project, in particular, need to be clear, must be refined, there are 3-5 key points can be.

summary. When you understand the background and needs of each other, and the introduction of the project in all aspects of the situation, it is best to communicate the key points to make a summary, this is more recommended

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