Video website flaring up again to decide the future development strategy

Sina, the Sohu purchase of billions of dollars each hit TV drama copyright, network video has increased in the field of investment, Sohu is the introduction of the ultra clear channel to compete for users, Tencent to enter the high-profile network video industry, Tencent launched video network test version in April this month, the Tencent to big 440 million investment in Huayi brother, hope that through their own platform will be integrated with the Huayi Brothers to occupy a space for one person in the resources, the network video industry, another portal giant NetEase also unwilling to lag behind, they chose the inventive, open class, micro film differentiated video products, hope that with different routes in the network video industry share.

the four portals in the network video field of huge investment does not ban back in 2007 — the video site of the golden age, the foreign YouTube and domestic potatoes, become fashionable for a time, Youku and other video sites also achieved great success, make a successful video website has become a lot of grassroots Adsense dream. Then, as the giant portal has to enter the field of online video, and a spring in the online video, video website how to get a better development? This is a point (business) of black and white, and share this with you.

one, network video analysis of the status quo

through the continuous development in recent years, the video site to watch their favorite television drama, variety show has become many people’s surfing habits, according to Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) shows released in January this year, "the twenty-seventh China Internet development statistics report", the network video has become the seventh largest domestic application Internet users, ranking even more than e-mail, online shopping, online banking and so on popular areas, thus its development prospect is quite broad, has great potential for development.

also has several problems that can not be neglected in this field:

first, the network video field of intense competition, the original Youku, potatoes, cool 6 needless to say, recently reached the field of online video portal giants are making the competition in this industry reached the fierce degree:


, the online video site than in other areas of higher threshold, technology, space and bandwidth can be regarded as to enter the network video field road stumbling block, and under the new management approach recently introduced, to create a related news or television drama video sites need to apply for a "information network transmission audio-visual programs permit", and apply for the permit conditions is the registered capital must reach more than twenty million yuan, the lack of sufficient technical strength and large amount of money to support the small video sites can be said that there are great difficulties.

third, high input, low return, or even non return. At present, the profit model of the video website mainly relies on advertising revenue, although some sites have started the attempt to launch a payment service, but they are still very immature

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