Original title win in writing a touch more easily Xianshengduoren

read books, read leather, read newspapers and read questions. Good title is the first stone to win readers. It is also a necessary magic weapon to stimulate the interest of readers. Otherwise, even if the content is rich, even if the wine is not afraid of alley depth, it is particularly difficult to develop. A piece of the value? Is two points: create hits, create value, and click rate is to create value for the premise, the original value is more in the title, so win in the title, more likely to win.

on the title of the article, how to win in the title win over the network users, first of all to do three things: first, the transfer value, the needs of users of information included in the title, or how many people to see their own is not related to the topic? Two, transmission of information, information transmission and non useful information needs of users. Can also be entertainment topic, after all Internet users on the one hand is the need to work in terms of information, there is only a part of it for fun and to choose interested in reading. Three, the title of the landscaping, modification, modification of the title have to say is very good, even if the content was flat, through a good title, no doubt in the one step ahead to win the user’s attention, even half a bottle of discontent can still call it loud.

1: win in title, how to write Title

in the Internet every day has a lot of articles produced, but not every article can win the user’s smile or sympathy, and even some of the article written out by people smashed, nothing is. But still can play "propaganda" effect, which is the title of the state of mind.

A: good title, half veiled,

is the title of the article can not write to cover and contain everything, confused people to read, and can’t write all the content of the article is to tell the user, or who is willing to read the title of the article? Both stimulate readers’ interest in reading, so that at the same time, is undoubtedly the best way. In this paper, for example, "the original title of the wording" and "win in the title, finishing touch more easily Xianshengduoren" is an example of. The former is straight and the title is written, and the latter is vivid. The title of the article is vivid and vivid, which makes it more attractive. It is also a form of expression of the author’s organizational power.

B: good article, title is long and exquisite,

as mentioned earlier, a long title can really attract the user’s attention. After a lot of writing, the author just makes a central interpretation of the title, which can often be done in a few words. First of all, this title is usually dull, and not described what point of view is too large, and the title and so on are directly the set of arguments, will not produce the best "- veiled" effect. So, how long will the headline? Commonly used expansion method: increase Title prefix, like this (the original value (a)), an overview of the suffix after the content, then continue to describe the main description of things: "to win in the title, finishing touch more easily.

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