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for web sites, especially for new sites, the mining and training of new users is an extremely important aspect. As a webmaster, we should find their own website where the potential users? To the fastest, most potential users must first find, accurate analysis and location of site audience, to better start looking for new users of the site tour.

1, Q & a platform. Q & a platform is one of the most concentrated areas of the same interest audience. For example, Baidu knows, Sina, love asked, etc., these sites are classified according to different topics, questions and answers of the same class of questions may be interested in this topic of users. As a webmaster may pay more attention to these quiz platform, also often involved in answering questions properly with their website links, so that one can increase the site outside the chain, access to web traffic; more important is to make more friends, they are the most likely to be users of your web site.

2, community community. Community community refers to the user’s affiliate channels, such as Baidu post bar, watercress group, campus group, blog and so on. Webmaster can search through these channels search engine, suitable for their website theme community, and then join them, here to tap their website users.

3, interest search. In the portal, forum or blog user search interface, and some will search by interest, the webmaster can for their website theme implementation search, so in the user list to find the site of interest users.

4, QQ group. The reason why QQ group alone listed, first, because this group of relatively large number, two because they are relatively active. How to expand for QQ group, you can see my other article on QQ group promotion feasibility suggestions.

5, peer site. Peer websites are the most direct way for new users to come. If you want to find the most users, you should look for it in the leading website of your website industry. For example, modern Chinese Web site webmaster may wish to present Han, go up "pull" users, because it is for the professional website, interest coincide, the user is the most, but also the most accurate. Of course, do not have to invite each other, you can go to the most active users.

6, industry teacher. This is a relatively easy source to ignore, but this source does not apply to all sites, only for academic and professional websites. This kind of webmaster may collect more teachers e-mail address, and then contact them, let them do promotion for your website. The specific method may be to give the teacher the website or the forum user registration invitation code, lets the teacher recommend again to own student, this is the most pertinent, the most effective promotion way.

7, Witkey website. Witkey website is also one of the "breeding" places for new users. On the one hand, the webmaster can search for related tasks, and all the participants in these tasks may be you

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