From Mac Google to PHPWind

PHPWind recently released a version of 7.3, which really surprised me. I had to applaud the speed and speed of PW’s innovation. With a feature selection in the background, the site switches freely between the portal mode and the BBS mode. And after the expansion of the function of the member center, is a SNS platform. Many intelligent interactions form a completely new user experience and application process, and make the passive search of customers change to active access. More user support from functionality.

said PW had to mention his rival, dz. It has been a long time since the two companies have been concerned, but Kang has been expanding the product for the sake of horizontal market strategy. See e-commerce fire, buy a ECSHOP (later sold), see video fire, a superV (later also sold), now SNS fire, and began to advocate UCenterHome. The product line is too long, and we have a UCenter to integrate.

remembers the last time he talked to Wang, he repeatedly stressed that PHPWind was only focused on community interaction, and many people misunderstood that PHPWind was just BBS. And this 7.3 version gives us the answer, PW is not doing SNS and other applications, but based on their own core products, based on the realization of user interaction needs. Personally feel that the "community Transformers" can be very word expression of 7.3 of the product.

said, "why did PW7.3 pull MAC, Google?". In fact, this problem can be linked to a deep, I recently wrote an article with "domestic CMS industry is" what is left of the article, mentioned abroad for open source software, Vignette, Ncompass, InStranet is not the market value of up to hundreds of billions of dollars are giant acquisitions. But at home, I don’t know who dares to come out and say, "we live very smart, or we’ve earned enough money.".

community software, after all, is still a small circle, to grow and develop, always want to learn from some giants. Similarly, as a technology-based company, Mac and Google rely on what to achieve today’s status and achievements, constant innovation, inclusive of various talents and user centered design concept. In the Chinese Internet plagiarism circle, really can go beyond innovation and how many? The light from the SNS, there are several SNS like Facebook SNS? Many of the webmaster, how to understand the six dimension theory of


, Mac and Google have been sought after, respected, and become great IT companies because they are serving users and changing the world and changing everyone’s lifestyle. They have their vision of strategy and vision of global competition, but they are not confined to the circle, industry, and their products themselves. Open source and open API contain philosophy and tolerant breadth of mind, really >

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