5 years the webmaster experience to share the key to real success P is to adhere to

Internet began in 1969, the Internet will remain in an unpredictable speed forward, will also be the current and future development potential to a large number of sites disappear! Every day, and a large number of new sites have been born, your website at what stage?

is now talking about my personal experience on personal websites. One is purely recreational and personal. Two is a personal hobby for doing, later into income. Three is a direct target for money making tools. But many webmaster every day shouting: "my website how IP so little? My website how to include no? I have done so long, the site did not earn a penny."… And so forth, all sorts of sighs coming from all sides. Thus losing the information that continues to do website, guide everybody to be very blind.

station planning is a very important step is to frame their site process, then a good domain name (note on the line such as download station, flying in the halo network containing down domain name… In this regard I said no more) at the beginning of the site, the SEO class I have seen many similar. Among them, really useful and you know how much? Take a look at a few points I cleaned out the most important


1, "the code to make small, simple and easy-going, neat layout.

reason 1: web size directly affects the speed of browsing, no one likes to open more than 5 seconds. You can find another type of Web site from Baidu in 5 seconds.

reason 2: mesh surface is not more beautiful, the better. The browser looks at the content, not the interface. So the interface looks comfortable. Neat layout can help users find what they want directly. Achieve user end goal

2, home connection is not too easy, more harm than good,


reason 1: for those large portal except, it must be comprehensive, and has many years of foundation. Each category out an article shows that in the home page can reach great length. Everyone looked at the home page, sure most will be confused, see for a long time can not find what you want to see.

rules according to Baidu. Home page connection is not easy to more than 100 (specifically, how many forget.). At around 100). It doesn’t hurt to conform to it. Two, the content of the home page more, affect open speed (affirmative).

3, SEO, this I elaborate on it! Don’t believe SEO, the more luck, which accounted for only 30% or less. It’s just a site for web friendliness,

(1) about the title of the home page, keyword up to 3

(2) the content page title does not exceed 2

(3) do not collect, manual to disorderly order reprinted (that is, not one by one next to the turn). That’s the same as collecting) to publish

(4) title as little as possible to change or do not change, the article has been sent as far as possible not

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