Brokeback young my business experience to share content and network service is the key

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Internet, provides a business platform for more and more people, the network business has become common, some people succeed, some people are still groping, you do not know the network business on the road has been carried out which part of the. Learn from other people’s online business stories, you can give us some pointers and ideas.

A5 on Thursday January 13th exceeded invitation free stickers founder, Brokeback young Chen Rui to share his entrepreneurial story: the Internet has no wings I can fly, the baby finishing part focuses on the discussion of welcome.

asked: "there are some webmaster in the network business, may not be perfect limbs, but still get very good achievements, just like Chen Rui.". First of all, thank you for sharing your story today. In an interview with guests, he said, "attitude is very important to us. We need to accept a broken self and develop a sound mind. Life teaches us that only we can help ourselves."." How does Chen Rui adjust his attitude? I know some friends who are physically handicapped and haven’t come out of the shadows of their own. I hope guests share their experiences.

answer: the mentality of the problem may have my personal reasons, but there are also reasons for my friends. When I was a child, I had an accident. For so many years, my friends respected me, cared about me, and many people gave me a lot of help. This should be an important reason for me to build self-confidence. So here, I also put forward a proposal, like everyone can treat the disabled people around you, your words may affect their life.

Answer: in the face of the

side of the disabled, we also look at as much as possible with normal vision, many disabled people in action is not the case, they are very brave, they make more achievements, they get a little more applause. We also give applause to Chen Rui.

asked: entrepreneurship is not easy, just to enter the social entrepreneurship grassroots webmaster, how should you position yourself? When did you start positioning yourself,


answer: many friends at the beginning of their own business to set a very specific goal, I personally think that with the passage of time, many of the previously conceived goals are no longer have the conditions for realization. I suggest that you adjust your development strategy flexibly according to your own resources. The goals can be, but should not be limited by your goals.

asked: that was how Chen Rui came into contact with the industry on the Internet? I found a huge space in this industry just contact, or find value in the process of continuous practice? Now many novice want through the Internet business, but the choice in the industry, in the specific direction of choice, is still relatively confused. Hope that Chen Ruineng share, when you contact the Internet at the time of the idea, how to choose a potential development direction,


answer: we actually experienced this confused stage at that time. The first investment we got

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