After reading this article you know it’s not easy to update and maintain your website

of website content update, web site operators in many eyes, is one of the major events, must be done every day and constantly repeated day in and day out, year after year, and then find the problems, and then give the website "add material", in addition to this, the website content updates do not think that simply adding articles, in fact, in the construction site after the website content update is not only to do the content, there are more things to do.


The content of the website

traditional update, is to find a few articles, revise, sent to the site, and a high level of the update is directly to the original article, and then sent to the site, the purpose of doing so is to let the search engines, this update mode in the SEO optimization experience sharing, often can see, the content update does not belong to the normal site maintenance management, in order to meet the demand of some more". For example, the search engine’s preferences, to the site to do optimization, we imagine that if a site has enough users, have enough conversion rate, have enough content, how should we do to maintain and update the website content? This time the site, it is a mature website, do content, only the site itself is the real needs of the content.

is a mature website maintenance, including several aspects of this website content: business data maintenance, information maintenance, visitor interaction information maintenance, and other information maintenance.

business data including inventory data, order status, order information, product data, for an enterprise website, because of business happening, inventory information, product information, order information changing, by writing the log data analysis, to reflect the enterprise website real-time operating status, business data the purpose of maintenance. Through the website data and enterprise backstage business database connection, may realize the website data automatic renewal. This content is not visible to the user, only internal communication and summary, but also revitalize the main source of data for a web site.

Maintain the

news information is what we usually say the contents of these contents include maintenance, maintenance industry news, business news, product dynamic and so on, in the early stage website content maintenance scope may, more complex, and to the mature stage of website content maintenance, are generally subject to the enterprise website, for example, the enterprise every day events, these events reflect the latest trends in the business, is an important channel for visitors to understand the present situation and development of enterprises. Timely dissemination of information is also a channel for communication with visitors.


visitors interactive information is the main feedback all left contact information website, most enterprise website provides e-mail, message board (BBS), QQ (MSN) and other means of communication with visitors. Receive emails or messages from visitors and respond promptly

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