Baidu knows how to eliminate negative information

recently took charge of micro-blog’s marketing and email marketing, so he wanted to summarize some of micro-blog’s marketing ideas, but opening notebooks didn’t make sense. See the "About Baidu Guicai secret", think of Baidu know negative information has great influence on some of the company’s. For now, a lot of people online and offline to understand a product, a company, use Baidu Search is the most concise way, while Baidu know that good ranking in Baidu’s results, directly lead to negative information which the company’s image, and then affect the performance. While many PR staff do not know how to cope with the negative information on Baidu know, resulting in a "Baidu know delete this gray industry, so as to eliminate the Baidu know share some negative information experience.

clears Baidu and knows negative information

1. Identifying negative information affecting

since it is clear Baidu know the negative information, then Baidu know there must be the company’s negative information was found. In order to develop specific cleaning plans, quantify marketing efforts, visualization, you need to understand how much Baidu knows the range of negative information, users will see what negative information in any way.

therefore, we need to count the current negative information, classify the records, and record the new negative information every day so as to adjust the direction of the PR in a timely manner.

two, delete Baidu, know the negative information

delete the stranger in Baidu wizard in secret sharing. Of course, only you are a regular company, and the negative information is indeed malicious, strangers just agree to delete, otherwise, bad comments will only increase over time, in vain to increase the workload.

to delete Baidu know, there are some details need to pay attention to, for example, at the same time report a number of links, continuous reporting malicious information, increase the success rate of reporting details, and so on. Strangers don’t talk much here. Regular companies need details of this, you can contact me, of course, free of charge, but it must be regular companies, and indeed malicious information.

three, diluted Baidu know negative information

removes negative information on the one hand; on the other hand, it increases positive information, diluting negative information, and gradually reducing the impact of negative information. The method is similar to the first step, determining how users may see positive information, and then answering questions or adding questions to themselves to answer positive information, rendering positive information in front of the user.

Baidu know ranking also has some skills, online search a lot, stranger is not introduced.

four, monitor PR effect

the above three steps are required to be detailed records, and every day the day before the analysis of the effect, timely adjustment, remediation, and so on. The effect of PR can be reported once a week so that BOSS can understand the situation, apply for funding, and so on.

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