Large web site operations confused where does it come from

network marketing can not do without website operations.

site operations, in addition to personnel management, marketing planning, financial management, just on the website itself, the most so that web site CEO headache should be the content of the site. How can I make good web content? The content of the website involves reading experience, user transformation, search engine ranking and so on. How can you make good content? Where does the content come from,


regular website operation, is reproduced and original simultaneously. The quality is the same, the more original content, the more readers and search engines will be favored, the more able to produce positive user experience and user viscosity, and then produce a user transformation. A website reprint, only the quality of content, patient.

website content of the original, you can have the original, pseudo original, can be an interview manuscript, the article finishing, a word of his table and so on, these are editorial things. Many web site editors are web site vice president, you can see the importance of web content.

website content, in addition to the original and reprint, there are other attractions and search engines to attract no, there are topics.


project is a special subject, which is a comprehensive and in-depth report of something and a character. After reading a project, I fully understand one thing, this is the topic.

website operations, the content of the site does not have to ask for more, can meet user needs; website content does not have to be new, applicable; website content does not have to seek depth, and become a fact.

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