According to Fujian NEPARTAK after the attack of reconstruction measures

heavy rainfall this year, a serious phenomenon, resulting in a lot of urban waterlogging phenomenon. After heavy rainfall in Fujian Province, this year ushered in the first typhoon NEPARTAK "". "NEPARTAK" attacks in Fujian, causing severe floods in some areas, roads, farmland, communications infrastructure, water supply and drainage facilities, water conservancy facilities, power grid equipment suffered serious damage, water supply and drainage safety affected rural housing after disaster reconstruction task is very arduous. Then, according to the "Fujian NEPARTAK" after the attack reconstruction measures what?

therefore, the provincial government before the study and formulate the enterprise, rural housing, roads, telecommunications, disaster destroyed arable land, city water supply and drainage facilities, water conservancy facilities, power grid and other eight post disaster reconstruction project, to promote the province’s disaster area and damaged facilities to accelerate post disaster restoration and reconstruction to provide policy support.

these eight specific implementation plan: "Fujian province enterprise disaster recovery and reconstruction of production plan" "Fujian province rural housing reconstruction plan" "Fujian province highway post disaster reconstruction plan" "Fujian province disaster destroyed arable land reclamation plan" "Fujian Province Communications Industry post disaster restoration and reconstruction" implementation plan "Fujian province city water supply and drainage facilities for post disaster reconstruction implementation plan" and "Fujian province water conservancy facilities in the post disaster reconstruction plan" "Fujian power network reconstruction plan" etc..

program clearly defined the overall requirements of the reconstruction work, the objectives and tasks, work steps, support policies to further clarify the responsibility unit, task division, etc., in order to ensure the effectiveness of the program landing.


enterprise post disaster production and reconstruction plan made, in principle, plant, machinery and equipment, tolls caused serious damage to the facilities of business outlets, to assist enterprises to resume production and operations within one quarter after the disaster; cause especially serious damage, complete the reconstruction and recovery of production in the second half of this year.

to promote the recovery of the affected enterprises to speed up production and reconstruction, the province has developed 8 supporting policies.

to set up special funds for disaster relief. The establishment of provincial finance industrial enterprises and commercial enterprises relief funds allocated 20 million yuan each year, mainly for the purchase of emergency relief supplies, reserve and transportation expenses, as well as the key enterprises hit the recovery and reconstruction of production expenses.

encourages companies to buy property insurance. Fujian Insurance Regulatory Bureau and all property insurance companies to innovate enterprise property insurance, adopt various preferential measures to encourage enterprises to purchase insurance for the insured and actively affected enterprises as soon as possible organization claims, to simplify the claims process and procedures within 1 months in advance to verify the amount of the loss of the pre payment of 80% of the recommended

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