Mainstream video barrage thinking looking at product features from user needs

could not see the product function, starting from the needs of the user pain points carefully, may be able to restore justice.

at the last interview, the interviewer asked about the Iqiyi barrage, a lack of understanding and a lack of depth of discussion. The past few days, always think about this meaning, believe that the interviewer is not without any cause or reason put forward this problem, expect Iqiyi to have changed the recent barrage of ideas, so that in the interview up for discussion.

so I was interested, too, if I were a product manager, wondering why I changed the barrage and how to change it.

one, barrage some of the problems

The past

barrage appears only in the a station (AcFun), B (BiliBili), many people have not heard, now with 90, 00 after gradually become the backbone of the Internet, and the two dimension of culture popularization of the mainstream video sites, also joined the barrage function, to meet the needs of users. But not everyone is going to open it, like me. I thought the barrage affected my input for watching the show. It was jumping off the top of the screen, so it almost never opened. This time, since you want to study and analyze, and then watch any program and video on the weekend, have opened the barrage, the first serious feelings.

fonts have too many colors.

just opened, I encountered confusion, I found a barrage of font riotous with colour my attention, tend to color special content at the beginning of the period, I think VIP is a unique power, later found that as long as the login can change the font color, and there is no threshold, leading to a barrage of screen fonts flying riotous with colour

has a wide variety of content.

, especially popular programs, barrage content variety, and some are meaningless emoticons fill the screen, and some of the barrage is to use hot spots advertising, what is more, the content is rude. Duplicate useless content, keep the beginning and so on.

barrage will never be found again.

when I try to send a barrage, barrage to enter, block emphasis rolling through the screen, will once again play time back to send a barrage of time points, you never see just send content. Suspect, because the barrage content is too much, Iqiyi adopted a certain screening mechanism, but how to filter, screening mechanism is unknown.

, two, Iqiyi, and Tencent video barrage features

with some confusion encountered when Iqiyi barrage, I use the Tencent video barrage function, and all kinds of content after sending can not find the problem also exists, the difference is that the font format unified video barrage of Tencent, but increased the point like features, like after more than a certain number of barrage will use prominent color logo. Aware of the barrage of two video products >

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