Content information retrieval of classified information


website successfully, the user experience often plays an important role, but with the increasing of website content, website content retrieval will inevitably become a part of the indispensable, especially for classified information network. Let’s start with the problem of classifying information:

1, classification of too many users too confused, here refers to the user to send information to the user, because the same information may belong to multiple categories, then I have sent to which classification it, repeat will be deleted, and the improper choice of categories easily ignored, this is a problem.

2, the classification is too small, users too confused, here users refer to the information to find the user, because the classification is too small, is bound to cause a classification of content is too much, so looking for information is also a problem.

3, find the correct classification, but can not find the information you want to rent a house, for example, I might want to rent a house in the area, but the amount of information is usually rental housing classification is very large, so as to find the information they want to look for a needle in the Ocean, very difficult.

in this dilemma, content retrieval seems to be an essential solution to the problem. The search here is divided into two

1, according to the title of the full-text retrieval index, only the title, when the user search is only for the title of the retrieval, advantages: fast, because the contents of the index is relatively small, the content is not comprehensive index of disadvantages.

2, according to the information content of the full-text retrieval index at the same time, the title and content, the advantages of the users to search for the full text retrieval, index comprehensive, defect information more easily, to find the user: slower, because the contents of the index is relatively large.

in fact for the classification of information, only the index title is enough, because the title often has covered most of the keywords, the screenshot below is a screenshot of the Shenzhen classified information network, after entering the can see the search box in the upper right, enter the "Nanshan Haiya department store" to see the search results as follows.


so it’s very easy for users to find information, and it’s very helpful for improving the user experience. As for how to do full text indexing, I’ll detail

in the next article

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