Electricity supplier practitioners note the future buyers online comments will be like this

lead: in order to be ready to respond to changes in consumer buying patterns, here are some of the predictions that we believe retailers must understand.


we all do this — before we make the final purchase decision, we habitually look at the search results of the commodity buyers, star rank and roll back feedback.

It is an indisputable fact that the manner in which

consumers make decisions has undergone tremendous changes in the past ten years. We stand in the store and use smartphones to compare prices and feedback on the products. Family and friends will also immediately participate in the evaluation through social media. When we are ready to buy something, more and more online retailers can deliver goods directly to us, sometimes even on the same day.

A recent

survey shows that with social media, instant messaging, picture sharing, and online buyers’ comments, 61% of consumers will read online reviews before making a purchase decision. After all, these comments provide all potential consumers with honest and fair reviews from the same buyers, helping them understand the product from the buyer’s point of view.

as the review has become increasingly important in the purchase process, it is easy to see that consumer reliance on them will grow in the future. Nelson released the latest "global advertising trust" survey report shows that online buyers comments consumers have become the second most trusted brand information sources, 70% of global consumers said they trust online reviews, and in four years the growth rate of the number of 15 percentage points.

some industry observers predict that retail sales will change over the last five years, and that the extinction of physical stores is not far off. In order to win in the long run, retailers must act now.

, for example, in the next few years, we can see the anonymous comments disappear, it is able to become buyers in Facebook, Twitter or other social media identity check links. This will benefit retailers and consumers alike. This prevents customers from complaining frequently after anonymous usernames, helping stores build credibility, and providing an interactive link that allows stores to connect with valuable customers.

So how to do

business to meet the growing demands of evaluation, and effective management of the process? In order to prepare for consumers to buy in the form of change, the following is the number of predictions we think retailers must understand.

1) all comments will eventually be linked to social media. The age of anonymous comments will soon be over. In the future, anonymous comments will be eliminated. Although very rare these days, in the future, consumers will only value reviews that they believe are genuine and reliable buyers. By looking through reviewers >

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