Baidu’s tough March itch for new sites

I’ve made three new stations since last year. Three stations have encountered the same problem, I do new sites encountered in the process of "Baidu" in March itch written out, I hope the new station friends help.

the first station started in January, and I added the JS code from the webmaster network. Namely: "this article comes from × ×; source text × ×" the Internet has said that this may lead to Baidu’s right to drop reasons. Just believe it. At that time, Baidu every day from the 1K IP to 50IP, so the situation lasted for a month, Baidu also does not include new pages. Just sell that station. Yes, 200IP, sold 100RMB.). Later, the person who bought the station did not make any changes except for adding a few outbound links to the station’s home page. I sometimes go to his station and haven’t been updated. Suddenly one day, I saw the station’s IP reached more than 1000 (his statistics publicly), carefully look at his station, did not add any import links, but also did not update the article. Calculate the time, about 90 days Baidu weight restored. Now the first half of the year is not updated, there are still more than 100 IP traffic.

is the beginning of the second station, want to learn CMS PHP second, the end of the month I started first with the free space limit flow of 1G, is more than a month’s time, when the flow reaches 1KIP, the flow is not enough, I switched to space charge. Change space only 20 minutes to complete the resolution, the results change space, the day Baidu did not grab, (another friend of mine also appeared large flow, change space and then drop right), that is to change space caused Baidu drop right. From then on, I was downhearted. But I think I can do 1000IP in a month, and I still have some confidence in doing it myself.

, the third stop, is the station, start again, I’m careful to do the station. It took less than a month to achieve the day IP1000 mainly from the search engine industry. I also in Webmaster nets wrote several soft Wen propaganda my station. When the heart, Baidu also ignore me. I once, but fortunately I found I sold that station weight restored, is three months, I think, Baidu is not a period of three months. During the period, second stations experienced three months, but also restored the weight. So I from June until the end of September, now finally in the first page of the SITE home page. Baidu search site name is also in the first (no competition keywords, before going abroad)

through the above three new station site experience summed up the following:

1., Baidu on the new examination more strict (whether you are.CN or.COM), not only half a month included assessment period, but also more weight assessment period of three months.

2. website is a long-term process, especially in one or two months did not resume on the sale, it is a pity.

time is tight, >

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