90 days successfully build website actual combat experience record website plan article

2 days ago in the A5 hair article "3 months to build a successful website experience record", is in the group of friends at the request of writing thoughts, are in a hurry to three part of general write again many webmaster friends after reading have expressed great concern and curiosity, hope I can written in detail, should you webmaster friends asked me to decide is divided into several parts with his own experience in writing again to write today is "site planning".

site planning is a professional work, including the understanding of customer needs, customer evaluation, website design, website structure function planning, page design, content editing, writing "the website functional requirements analysis report, provide website configuration of hardware and software of the system, organize relevant technical data and text data.

, but for personal Adsense, it is impossible to think so carefully, but the following parts are the

we must plan

first: location of the site type

I can often receive some Q my friend, the first sentence is: "I want to make a station to play" I said, "what do you want the class type station", they answered "don’t know, don’t know what to do, just want to make a station to hear these words, simply" let me spray blood, sad, even what they want to do not know to do station station, this station is not destined to succeed. Because all kinds of website system now is very rich, there is no limit to what the basic personal webmaster, what type of station can operate but more choice, but also want to do this mess, want to do that. So when we are standing, we must consider what kind of station we are going to do. I will note:

if you want to flow high, you can do some gender sites, entertainment sites (these stations flow high, but not long, often people as garbage stations to operate).

if you have a certain technical strength and money can do some long-term development in areas such as portals, SNS, good line function and good line operations team, this kind of site is very easy to success.

if you do not want to waste station and no money, then you can do something for you, such as my "CMS net station resources", because I have enough space and bandwidth so my position is for our personal webmaster friends to provide source code, templates and other resources download, plus you have for many years the website construction experience, can provide a little help for some novice webmaster friends, so far it is successful, you can be my analysis of the data, I also said in the previous article roughly.

summed up 6 words, "do fine, do fine, do well."".

second: website structure planning

said this is more depressing, and now most of the personal structure of the station site is "thousands of articles", in addition to web sites, columns and content is not the same, the structure is about the same, and even some columns >

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