Web design analysis explore the font structure in banner

              for we usually see the website banner, which itself determines the shape fixed form is generally rectangular, banners about structure and text centered, it is generally divided into the main theme, title and subtitle text, more. The design of the time also need to consider the application to the website promotion graphs of various sizes readable extension, in addition, its image assisted theme, text rendering, banner communication behavior can be understood as the computer screen as the carrier, in the first screen position of the IE browser, the user’s eye focus residence time of about 3 seconds.



[because banner is generally used for thematic categories in the portal website, two pages, users come in before, in the home have a certain understanding of the subject, so the role of banner is to package pages and add content to the two pages in the interest and content direction; so this is and traditional advertising generally requires the first sensory visual impact to the eye of rape in different places. ]

The importance of

text in banner

for the text, we often hear the demand side put forward: "the word should be large!"

"ah, bigger? It’s already big." and then it’s a little bit bigger. In fact, we all know that big and small pixels don’t make sense.

but think carefully, the demand side to really just a little bit of the pursuit? After all, they are not designers, do not know how to express their own ideas, and only can let people feel the only way for the size of the conspicuous difference only, perhaps because of the word, not conspicuous, word processing is too ordinary, perhaps the background is too so, we should be eye-catching, understood as "a" word to be visible, and "conspicuous" has many kinds of ways.

Banner= text + image [secondary]

Banner the text generally occupy the entire banner region of 70%, while the actual image only accounted for less than 30% of the image design many designers focus more on the 30%, ignoring the 70% most important text area, and finally use word system patched together, what can a reasonable design of this banner like the


, especially when the subject is extended to a small scale extension diagram, when the text area is left, the generalization is completely finished.


The distinction between characters in

and letters in English

text and English characters >

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