When the webmaster does the station don’t forget the user’s feelings

, for the website, I ran mm. That’s the way it is. In the evening, I updated my website "Yantai ferry ticket network". Suddenly, mm said, "your website doesn’t look professional, is it?"." In a word, I got angry and fired up with mm. Said a few difficult to listen to, and mm ran away. I didn’t stop either. Go with him.

I admit I do the webmaster got hot, a day without a time of a busy day, black and white, hey, no way, who let us shoulder the pressure is so big. But, to tell you the truth, it’s really my pain today. For our webmaster, their website is like their children, a busy night, eyes filled with blood, and that site is their own efforts ah. Don’t let others say "no", don’t you say


mm left, and the room was silent, leaving only its loud breath. Hum, where is my website unprofessional? I don’t know anything about it. Layman. However, glancing at one’s website, ah, it seems to be a bit wrong. My dense information, can the average person find what he needs right now? Is my navigation clear enough? Can every one of my posts give enough information to the user,


I do not know when, we become the eyes of others called "master.". Do website, make money by internet. Garbage stations, ADSENSE, SEO, DIV+CSS, CMS, ASP, PHP. A busy day. One station after another, but no one was successful. Most Adsense obsessed website, but few people to consider the user’s experience. Are you calm down and asking people around you, how exactly are your websites in their eyes? Have you ever really thought about bringing value to your users?

hao123 was successful, and at the beginning, people even looked down on it. A self-taught web designer could do better than he did. But it’s this simple website that buys the astronomical figures most of us can never earn in our lives. Most of the time, our website is not successful, because we are not enough to adhere to, not careful enough, not from the user’s point of view.

, "8 Chinese Internet users are 10 rookies" is the Bible of the Internet in at least two years. We webmaster should really read your website from the user’s point of view. Remember the first time the Internet feel? When you will distinguish the website will pay attention to beauty, this website is not written by DIV+CSS? Today I seem to be back. Also remembered, before an article which falls behind, "the fireworks looked, was only the passer-by."." Yes, most of us are destined to be just passing travelers.

note: This article was written a few days ago, the website is revised, mm is back, and everything begins again.

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