Webmaster ten big server software

when the site grows to a certain size, the webmaster should start thinking about hosting it for the web site. Typically, the server is placed in a telecommunications or CNC computer room, and the site administrator manages the server remotely. Hosted on the web server, need to install the operation of some commonly used software on the server, in order to more effectively manage the remote servers, today I according to my own www.zzxiu.com management experience, recommend ten useful server software, to provide a reference and share.

Arp firewall


Arp Firewall – now hosting server must install the first software is Arp firewall, there is no way ah, China’s network environment, do not install Arp firewall, waiting to be hanged trojans. Now the Arp firewall free there are two, one is the 360 Arp of the Qihoo is a firewall, Kingsoft Arp firewall.

remote desktop connection


Remote Desktop – Remote Desktop Connection (previously known as "terminal services client") is mainly used for remote hosting server for remote management, convenient use, convenient operation of the local computer as the same. The remote server must first install the server-side program of the remote desktop connection, and then the client can manage the server through the remote desktop.

FTP services and client


FileZilla – the client file upload to the server, the most commonly used software is FTP, the Microsoft IIS comes with a simple FTP server software, if you feel good, also can be installed on the server FileZilla server software is free, the client can use the free FileZilla Client, supports multi-threaded file upload.

hardware detection


CPU-Z – CPU-Z is a free system detection tool that detects CPU, motherboards, memory, systems, and other hardware devices. The type of CPU that it supports is quite comprehensive, and the startup speed and detection speed of the software are very fast. In addition, it can detect the motherboard and memory related information, including our commonly used memory double channel detection function. When you run the remote administration server, you can use this software to clear the server’s hardware information.

traffic monitoring


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