My road to grass roots one harvest one harvest

I saw

friends did at the station in 2007, on the recommendation of a friend in the new network to buy a domain name, and then began my site tour, because often in the Ali Mama, stationmaster net, outdated webmaster forums, so often see some Adsense experience like the article, all that generate static file search engine included, then made a DZ forum, then 6 static has been very mature, so do the 1 months or so, Baidu, Google included large quantities, but due to the popularity of the content is too little, I a person, every day included only a few,, traffic has always been hovering around a dozen IP, watching it every day dozens of IP.

the occasional opportunity, from a station known strengths acquisition, can be heard within a day of tens of thousands of hair stick, to tread on air, from a friend to a cracked version, to start my crazy collection of the road, a day online posting thousands of crazy collecting stickers, XinLiMei Zi Zi to wait the search included, thought this day included thousands of stickers, traffic is not a day tens of thousands of IP.

The results of

I was contrary to expectation after the two week, I found that only Google update my home page of the site, a content is also not included, other search engines directly connected home has no update, this problem has not been solved. I think these search engines are testing my patience. A few days of hard work didn’t reach my results, but the search included in reduced later in stationmaster net to see an article that a large number of duplicate content that is on the garbage collection search, will only reach the reverse effect, only the original article will search spider love, after reading the previous behavior of their troubles at.

after the lessons of the past, finally realized that station can not be instant success, and behave like to do to have a good return, then continue to do his work send original stickers, and adhere to the post every day, it’s time to send a stick, hair, doing this for more than a week, and every day home page snapshot, and the search is updated every day, how many basic posted on how much, let me a long time to find the joy, regain self-confidence, after more than a year, my website in my daily insistence, finally from a small growth for a nearly 10000 IP station.

from my recent do stand experience but also to the new station long friends do a piece of advice, but also the most important, is not anxious to do what, no hard work and effort is unlikely to succeed, if there is not enough to pay, there is no good harvest, the so-called one Geng Yun 1 harvest, this is the truth of the permanent.

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